Quality Seal

Quality Seal
Date: 10/07/2013 Category:

Every member of the AV Alliance:


· hires out light, video, sound and rigging equipment
· offers engineering, installation, operationl support and storage services
· is able to submit offers in English
· submits offers listing individual products, including descriptions and prices
· has technical support specialists who can communicate in English
· guarantees professional installation, support and removal by highly qualified staff
· has a rental park comprising properly maintained high-quality products
· has its own warehouse within a radius of 250 km
· can furnish performance certificates and a portfolio of existing references
· employs at least five full-time technical specialists
· possesses its own vehicle fleet
· has been active in the market for at least five years
· is able to offer and invoice its services in euros
· has a positive Dun & Bradstreet rating (www.dnb.com)

Independent inspectors regularly assess the quality offered
by our members on the spot.