AV Alliance is the leading global network of event technology and event services companies.

We deliver your brand experience. Globally. Consistently.

Whether you are an event organizer, corporate meeting planner, an event production or event design company the global network of AV Alliance has the event solution for your live event requirements.

As a client you receive a consistent premium brand experience – no matter where your event takes place in the world

With 77 audio visual companies, all proven experts in the live entertainment and audio-visual rental and service industry, AV Alliance provides you with truly global reach for your live event. Our members are premium audio and visual companies, which are driven by the mutual ambition to provide the very best quality at competitive rates.

The offices and warehouses of our members are spread across 101 locations on 6 continents, giving you unparalleled access to the latest event technology and the best local support you can imagine. Having state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, well-trained audio and video technicians and local experts available around the world reduces logistics, lowers transportation costs, and allows us to focus on what is most important to you:

Making your event and your brand experience unique and memorable.


Our audio solutions provide precise acoustics for any location Our members offer a broad range of powerful speakers, amplifiers, subs, stage monitors, line array systems, analog and digital consoles, playback and replay devices, wired and wireless microphone rentals, push-to-talk-mic-system rentals, show comm systems and audio recording.


Videos and pictures strengthen and underline your brand experience. They fascinate, provide orientation, and tell stories. Our members offer various video playback and record systems to support a variety of digital media formats, and mange all video productions with a team of competent engineers and technicians.


Our creative approach allows us to apply the best lighting technology in the most effective way. Applying a creative lighting design to your event space enhances the existing architecture, and establishes the intended atmosphere to impress your audience. Our experienced lighting designers are there to create an effective lighting design tailored to each venue.

Rigging and trussing

We provide theatrical rigging, and arena or exposed structure venue rigging. This allows us to work creatively in theaters, involving the theater’s permanent fly system, as well as in other venues such as convention centers, ballrooms, warehouses, concert venues, arenas, outdoor festivals, etc.


Adding a professionally branded custom podium, hard set, scenic background, custom 3D logo, or printed product branding are all clever and effective ways to significantly improve on-site brand recognition and your overall impression at your event, be it a meeting, a conference, a product launch, or a trade show!

Planning and logistics

Our expansive network of local warehouses with a combined space of 350.000 m2 takes the hassle out of logistics. By making use of locally sourced equipment we are able to reduce logistical challenges to an absolute minimum. Our approach allows us to focus on what is most important to you: a smooth event!

IT infrastructure and communications

In our digital and highly interconnected world, the perfect IT infrastructure is absolutely essential for any type of event, conference, or show. Our members supply you with the best equipment in order to connect your event and your audience smoothly and without any technical glitch.

Design and digital services

Artist renderings, photorealistic 3D simulations, graphic design & print, as well as creative audio and video productions are all offered alongside our audio-visual rental and technical support services. We are never short of ideas and fuel your event with creativity.

Project and production management

Having completed nearly a million of different events, our members are experienced project and event production managers. Their capable team of project managers serve as your point of direct contact through every stage of event planning and execution.

Simultaneous interpretation

It is essential that all your meeting and conference participants understand each other. We provide crystal clear interpretation and translation services for board meetings as well as for large, global conferences.

Exhibition design and construction

We make sure your trade show or exhibition presence truly reflects your brand message. We combine all necessary technical and structural disciplines that ensure your booth or installation receives maximum attention and reaches your target audience.

Special effects

We provide access to the best special effects units around the globe. With items such as flames, CO2, pyrotechnics, lasers, dry ice, confetti, smoke, snow or foam we provide the final touches to make your event unforgettable.

Projection mapping

Using the latest projection technology allows our members to create sophisticated and impressive projections and augmented reality experiences on a variety of surfaces, such as buildings, skyscrapers, walls, cars, interior spaces, objects and natural landscapes.

Event solutions for you

Our members are experts in providing technology and services for many different event types. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a conference, a show, a seminar, a public ceremony, a festival, a sports or musical event our member are here to help.

Beyond events

Many of our members have developed skills and experience far beyond classical events. Here are just a few additional services that our members provide:

  • Television productions
  • Event broadcasting
  • Permanent audio-visual installations for museums, art galleries, lobbies, showrooms and meeting rooms, pop-up locations etc.
  • Cutting-edge 3D visualizations
  • Architectural lighting
  • Animations and virtual reality (VR) solutions

Eco friendly events and exhibitions

Have you ever considered an environmentally friendly event or an environmentally friendly exhibition? AV Alliance is available to help. By using local audio visual  equipment you are not only able to save costs. By giving you access to AV equipment stored in one of our local warehouses also allows you to reduce your CO2 footprint and to produce a green event with less impact on the environment. Additionally, many of our members engage in internal programs to produce events that are environmentally friendly, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and focus on sustainability.