About AV Alliance

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Your global network of event production and AV rental companies

The members of AV Alliance are experts in providing audio visual technology and event production services for many different event types. Whether you are planning a corporate event, a conference, a show, a seminar, a public ceremony, a festival, a sports event or a concert our members are here to help.

Our Purpose

We connect members to help grow and better their businesses by attracting quality global players, enabling trusted exchange of ideas, and promoting excellence

  • to enable global services for our clients on a superior quality level
  • to be able to produce more sustainably globally – sourcing local on a global level
  • to establish a reliable network on a friendship level
  • to exchange ideas and find inspiration by connecting with like-minded people
  • to succeed/win in competition with the global players

with the spirit of sharing values, assets, know-how and resources.

Our Vision

The AV Alliance is a strategic business community of like-minded AV technology industry entrepreneurs and stakeholders who are willing to share knowledge, insights, and values enabling global cooperation that better our companies.

Our agenda is to spark fellowship and make cooperation accessible among respected global peers.

Our Core Values

Diversity and inclusivity are hallmarks of AV Alliance. Members represent a variety of cultures and beliefs. Our community has space for everyone.

Members share best practices, solutions successes, and common challenges, to improve their services.

agree to hold one another accountable for our commitments and to take responsibility for both successes and failures.

Members will operate with transparency, honesty, and respect towards their staff, clients, and other members and will do their very best, every single time, especially when nobody is looking.

AV Alliance believes in producing events in a sustainable manner to reduce the negative environmental impacts of live event production.

What We Offer

Reduced logistics create cost savings for our clients

By working together, the members of AV Alliance are able to reduce logistical efforts, complexity and transportation costs. This cost advantage allows us to offer you a professional event solution at very reasonable rates. And we are very happy to pass that advantage on to you – so that you can concentrate on the most important aspect: Making your event a full success while staying within your event budget.

Access to technology and services on the spot

Today the AV Alliance is made up by the most respected and renowned event technology and event service firms around the world. Together our members store one of the largest inventories of cutting-edge event technology. We provide our clients with access to the latest event technology through a global network of warehouses, giving you first class products at every location. We take pride in offering a combined warehouse space of more than 350’000 square meters.

We are proud to showcase our expertise and variety

From stunning projection mapping installations, to top of the range 4K LED displays, we make sure your next live event leaves a lasting impression. Whether you want to inspire your audience, demand attention, or encourage interaction, our experienced members are here to provide the solution.

The history of AV Alliance

Founded in 2012 by Simon Ackermann, the CEO of our member company Habegger AG in Switzerland, the AV Alliance has quickly developed into the leading collection of premium companies dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, service and support in the live event and entertainment industry.

Throughout the years of growth and development the AV Alliance managed to maintain and spread Simon’s incontestable demand for quality and reliability that Switzerland is so well known for. Since its inception in 2012 the members of AV Alliance have completed nearly one million successful projects and events around the globe.

Today we are able to deliver the most complex technical event solutions around the world, with all of our members adhering to the goal of providing you with the highest – Swiss – quality levels.