Live Streaming for Virtual and Hybrid Events

At AV Alliance we offer full live streaming and broadcasting services, as well as a global network of virtual studios in over 80 locations, equipped with the latest technology. We work with a variety of event platforms and provide you with vast combined experience in producing hybrid and virtual events anywhere in the world. Whether it is live streaming corporate events, product launches, awards shows and ceremonies, we have your needs covered with customized solutions and professional audio visual equipment specifically recommended for live streaming and broadcasting technology.


Virtual and hybrid event services

Over the course of the past year the AV Alliance members together have carried out thousands of online events, and used all of that experience for perfecting their virtual capabilities and expanded their portfolios with a variety of event types.

From graduation ceremonies to symphonic concerts, from award ceremonies to conferences with thousands of attendees, we have risen to the challenge. Some members have even gone beyond a studio setting and now also offer state-of-the-art extended reality (xR) stages and full virtual studios.

Live streaming capabilities

Whether it is an interactive online conference, a live stream of your online meeting or webinar, or a complete virtual or hybrid event, you can still have any kind of gathering in the cyberspace. Use the studio capacity of our AV Alliance members for high quality live streams and broadcasts in full HD or 4K resolution, as well as other virtual event solutions!

We are able to connect you with our members from various cities worldwide, providing all necessary technical requirements and guaranteeing that you can expect a glitch-free live streaming experience as if your team were in the same space together.

Audio visual equipment for live streaming

Our AV Alliance members provide audio visual equipment rental services not only for live events, but in this new era of virtual event production and hybrid solutions we offer professional, state-of-the-art AV gear that is specifically recommended for and tailored to live streaming environments as well.

In case of live events, the recommended equipment is custom designed for every venue, the size of the space, the number of people in attendance, and the environment itself. In the case of virtual events, be it live streamed or broadcast, the audio visual equipment that we use has to be adapted the environment of a live stream studio, an office space, an outdoor stage, or even somebody’s home, and at the same time it has to provide optimal sound and video quality for the virtual audience instead of an in-person crowd.


  • Sound systems for live streaming
  • Sound design
  • Camera systems (4K, full HD)
  • Mixers, switchers
  • Hardware encoders
  • Software encoders (e.g. Vmix, Wirecast)
  • RTMP and Cloud transcoding
  • Audio, video recording
  • IT infrastructure
  • Virtual event platform
  • Virtual event tools
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Lighting, studio lighting
  • Staging, studio staging
  • Miscellaneous (HDMI cables, etc.)
  • Installation and construction
  • Technical support

The above services are subject to availability in each member’s own portfolio

Neumann&Mueller virtual studio Munich
Colossal Cube in LMG's Las Vegas virtual studio
Gearhouse South Africa Studio Live Stream LEDVision

Digital event platforms for virtual and hybrid events

Due to the changing preferences of the end users, and especially the clients’ need to distinguish their digital event and make it stand out from the hundreds of thousands of similar meetings happening over the internet, tech companies have been developing virtual event platforms that recreate an environment similar to that of a traditional event.

A platform is the digital “venue” where your event takes place. An event platform – often called digital, virtual, or online – is a complex software quite different from the tools that we use every day for online meetings, such as Zoom, Skype, Teams, or GoToMeeting. It is specifically designed to recreate the feeling – as much as possible – of being present at a live, in-person event, incorporating many elements of a traditional meeting or conference while still connecting audiences from anywhere in the world.

Our AV Alliance members have been tested and worked with a multitude of digital event platforms. We are here to help you by recommending the software that best fit your event’s, your client’s, and your audience’s needs, as well as your technical requirements.

Unparalleled global studio network

Below you will find those of our members who have studio live streaming capacity or virtual studios in one or multiple locations, fully equipped with the latest technology and ready to host any virtual or hybrid event that you have in mind!