Event Staging and Scenic Design

Working with a member of the AV Alliance gives you the full range of technical event production services that include the application of high-end event technology as well as any creative staging element required to make your event a unique and immersive experience. Our members are well used to delivering not only simple staging solutions but also the most complex structures for large events.

What is event staging?

Event staging is key element in any show as it allows your attendees experience any live event as you intend them to. Staging elements for events encompass the process of designing and constructing your stage, including the installation of event technology such as rigs for lighting and audio, sound effects, video, screens, and projection elements, LED walls, special effects etc. Furthermore it includes design elements, such as installations, props, furniture, natural elements, drapes, costumes, etc.

Beyond providing all the necessary audio visual gear and event technology solutions for your event, we are also here to cover everything from the logistics of all stage equipment and design elements to load-in and set-up.

Creative staging solutions

Conference and event planners are challenged to find a modern and creative staging solution for each and every event, and teaming up with an experienced event production company can be a great help in achieving just that.

Even with limited budgets our members can help you bring creative and smart ideas to life by building an impressive event stage and creating an unforgettable event experience for your client and your audience.


  • Full event staging solutions
  • Audio and sound effects
  • Video and projection (screens & LED)
  • Lighting
  • Scenic design
  • Rigging and trusses
  • Special effects
  • Construction and installation
  • Technical support

The event staging process

Design and planning

Our professional staging experts plan around your event staging requirements and specifications, liaise with both the client and the venue to make them possible, and factor all the necessary safety and risk management aspects in the planning phase.

The building phase

After the completion of the stage design, the required AV event services (such as rigging, lighting, audio, video etc.) is transported to your venue. Then our team of engineers and technicians take care of the stage building process, truss structures, rigging, and installation of the lighting, sound, and video systems, etc.

Full event project management

The biggest advantage of working with an AV Alliance member is that you can rely on the services offered by a full-service event production company. Beyond the technical aspects we can also take care of the event management process, such as managing crowd flows, arranging stage access, managing accessibility requirements for the performers and the audience alike, provide seating solutions, advise on innovative branding integration, and supply design and ambiance elements.