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Crescent Event Productions, Inc. is a leading event production company based in Charlotte, NC, specializing in audiovisual solutions for corporate events, conferences, trade shows, and other live events. With a team of experienced professionals, Crescent Event Productions has been providing exceptional audiovisual services to clients across the southeast region, and the entire nation, for over a decade.

Founded 10 years ago from a division of a family business, Crescent has grown in size and scope and is poised for years of continued growth in the future.

In addition to a standard rental inventory, including projection, audio, lighting, scenic and LED screens, Crescent also offers creative design services, video editing, animation work, 3D video rendering, and custom set fabrication services to its customers. With close to $1M in equipment investments in 2023 alone Crescent’s inventory is expanding rapidly to keep pace with its unique creative offerings and diverse customer needs.

Throughout the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Crescent pivoted rapidly to become a leader in the virtual event space, consulting on the creation of several multi-million dollar broadcast studios, as well as the back-end website (or “dashboard”) infrastructure to support virtual events with upwards of 50,000 simultaneous interactive attendees.

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    Crescent Event Productions

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    Alex Wieczoreck, VP of Sales at Crescent Event Productions

    Alex Wieczoreck
    VP of Sales

    Phone: +1 980 264 2284
    E-Mail: [email protected]