Event Lighting Services

Event lighting and design are key elements in the setup of any live event. Lights are what set the mood, focus the audience’s attention, and are capable to create an immersive experience that stays with the audience for a long time. Our professional designs and custom lighting solutions allow us to create a special ambiance for any private, business, or cultural event.

Our AV Alliance members are experts in lighting design and installation, having created tens of thousands of custom solutions for events of all types and sizes around the world. With their innovative lighting designers and technicians working their magic, your event is set to be a shining success!

Lighting services for any venue

We apply stunning, professional event lighting solutions and installations for all types of venues: hotels, meeting and conference rooms, corporate meeting facilities, convention centers, expos and trade shows, arenas and other sporting facilities, live music venues, clubs, places of worship, wedding venues, etc.

We provide indoor and outdoor solutions, bringing together the most innovative event lighting ideas with state-of the art equipment by the best manufacturers in the business. Our warehouses around the world give you access to professional lighting equipment close to your live event location, reducing logistics, transportation costs, and complexity.

High-end lighting equipment for hire

The members of the AV Alliance apply premium lighting technology from trusted technology partners. Our warehouses across the globe are stocked with the latest event equipment, capable of creating the most innovative, energy efficient event lighting solutions. Whether you are interested in renting strobe lights for a party, a couple of LED lights for a wedding, or a full stage lighting solution for a stadium concert, our members are ready to take care of your event needs.

Lighting equipment in our members’ warehouses is subject to regular maintenance to ensure perfect performance once they are installed at your event.

For virtual and hybrid events the AV Alliance provides lighting equipment specifically designed for studio environments and broadcasting services.

Permanent lighting installation services

We not only provide lighting equipment rental services for live events of all types, many of our members have supplied permanent and temporary lighting installations for different clients and projects. Whether you are in need of architectural or industrial lighting solutions to illuminate buildings or structures, or create stunning outdoor campaigns to showcase your brand or product by incorporating lighting design, the AV Alliance is here to provide you with the right solutions.


  • Stage lighting
  • Beams and hybrid lights
  • Moving and intelligent lights
  • LED and digital lighting
  • LED uplighting
  • Color lighting
  • Gobo solutions
  • Architecture and industrial lighting
  • Outdoor solutions
  • Strobes and effects
  • Lights for broadcast, movie, studio
  • Consoles, wireless mixing units
  • Lighting design
  • Lighting installation, trussing, rigging
  • Technical support

Custom lighting design for your event

Using the latest lighting technology allows us to incorporate stunning, out-of-the-box solutions and lighting elements into the design of your event. When it comes to event lighting design, we collaborate closely with our clients to make sure the final experience aligns with their expectations and their brand’s message.

This requires a complex process of carefully executing every step, from the planning phase to equipment selection, from rigging design to construction. Our members also take care of logistics and on-site technical support, including transportation, installation, set-up, and tear-down after the event.