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We focus on working together with our clients and delivering services of the highest quality with passion and commitment, so that each event is a unique experience.

We setup and run each event emphasizing the following values:

  • ORDER, AESTHETIC AND DETAILS, in each event.
  • COMMITMENT, with our clients.
  • PASSION, for our work.
  • PROFESSIONALISM, in all our services.
  • TEAMWORK, human quality is our greatest value.
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Congress Rental concert
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Madison ⋅ ARGENTINA ⋅ August 2019

Musimundo Gaming Week

A couple of years ago the “Centro de Convenciones de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires”, mostly known as “CEC” opened it’s doors. Our enterprise is the exclusive AV provider at this center.

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United Nations ⋅ Buenos Aires, Argentina ⋅ March 2017

PABA +40

From March 20 to 22 we fully organized the Second United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation (PABA + 40) at the Buenos Aires Convention & Exhibition Center.

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IDEA ⋅ ARGENTINA ⋅ August 2019

Semana del Management

This year we worked at a brand new event of one of our most loyal customers: “IDEA”. It took place at “La Usina del Arte”, which used to be an Electricity Company built between 1912 and 1916. Nowadays it belongs to the government and it’s a space where lots of festivals take place and also some private events.

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