Event Planning and Production Management

You could assign many names to the AV Alliance members, from technical AV rental companies and brand activation companies to simply experienced event production managers. In total, our members have completed more than one million events around the world. The have successfully been engaged in event services, such as festival productions, corporate event production, brand activation productions as well as concert and musical festival production. Each member is a unique and highly experienced AV rental and installation company with its individual strengths and set of expertise. The basis for AV Alliance membership is the fulfilment of international quality standards in the live entertainment industry.

Experienced event production managers

The AV Alliance continuously trains its staff members. From audio-visual technicians to project managers and event production managers our staff is up to date with the latest technology and event project management techniques. To foster the continues education of our competent project and event production managers AV Alliance provides an Academy for its members around the globe. This global conference for employees for our creative member companies delivers technical and project management training of the highest standard. Education is highly important for all live event companies as the client’s expectations are high towards the delivery of stunning shows. And our goal is ambitious: To always produce the perfect event for you as the client.

When you hire one of our professional member companies you can rely on a broad level of services for your event. Our experienced members will do their best to setup and manage your event. Typically, we provide all the required event planning and administrative work that a live event requires. We ensure that each live event is properly setup and professionally executed. This includes making sure that all the required technicians and the AV equipment are available and ready during the assigned slots. We further take care of all the event logistics and provide you with the required event equipment rentals. To produce a successful live event, many strings need to be managed in parallel. We will take care of managing your audience, guests, speakers and everything behind the stage.

Using a single event management company to cover all aspects of event planning, event management and event execution reduces potential risk and allows to avoid mistakes. A good planning process is the best prerequisite to ensure mistakes are avoided that could potentially disrupt your event. A single planner and event manager is also typically very efficient and cost effective. In the overall event planning we keep a close eye on your event budget and evaluate as many cost saving potentials as possible. Our goal is simple: To work according to your needs and optimize your production in order to impress your clients!

Live event production companies with the best in event technology

In addition to the classical project management skills we provide you with all the required audio visual equipment as part of the event planning and execution process. From LED walls, projectors and screens to suitable sound systems our members provide the full range of audio and visual services for a successful and impressive event. Using the latest in AV equipment we deal with technically highly complex products. Operating complex technology requires the right audio-visual technicians to operate the equipment. Our well-trained and competent staff members have great experience to operate complex sound and video systems. The correct application of the latest event technology, such as lighting, video and sound, plays a key role in delivering successful and stunning events.

Working with all stakeholders to produce the best in live events

Our technical managers, project managers and audio-visual technicians work closely with the selected venue to optimally integrate all audio-visual equipment. At the same time, we put a strong focus on event safety and apply all equipment with maximum care according to the local guidelines of the event venue. The applied equipment, such as large sound systems or large projectors, is often extremely heavy and our experienced technical staff will always ensure that all equipment is installed safely.

Whether you need event production companies in Chicago, Bangkok or Adelaide, our network of live event companies is availaible to help.