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Hoffmann® has been dedicated to the event market for 35 years, providing high technology equipment always aiming the quality in the realization of the services. Today, Hoffmann® is a leader in the audiovisual segment in Latin America, and stands out as the most complete service provider, with branches in Brasilia and many other major Brazilian cities, which enables a better management and monitoring of the thousands of events that take place every year throughout Brazil.

Hoffmann® maintains a continuous search for the improvement, intensely and continuously in the professional qualification of its collaborators and in the acquisition of last generation technologies. Hoffmann® ensures that the technical experience of its team, the quality of its equipment appropriate to the environment, are enough to guarantee your event services with the highest professional level.

Our competences/expertise:

  • Audio
  • Video and Play-out
  • Content management
  • IT/Communications
  • Broadcast
  • Integration
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Voting
  • LED Panel
  • 3D Mapping


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    SRTVS, Quadra 701, conjunto L, Lote 38, Bloco 01
    70340-906 Brasilia

    Phone: +55 21 2253 8000
    WhatsApp: +55 21 99423-8000

    [email protected]


    Contact person

    Mario Alpire, Regional Manager, Hoffmann

    Mario Alpire
    Regional Manager

    Phone: +55 21 99423-8002
    E-Mail: [email protected]