Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is nothing short of magic: this technique creates the optical illusion of animations, images, and 3D effects on any building, object, or even landmark. Playing with light and design through projection mapping can convert all surfaces into a canvas and create a jaw-dropping immersive experience for an audience. Our AV Alliance members have countless of outstanding projection mapping jobs under their belts, and our technology partners have the best equipment to bring your mapping project to life.

What are the different types of projection mapping?

Standard projection, also known as video projection, it is a well-known and common meeting feature where content – static image, video, or presentation – is projected onto a flat screen.

Projection mapping is also referred to as video mapping, and it uses state-of-the-art video projectors to transform any surface – such as architectural features, buildings, walls, landmarks etc. – or object into an interactive display by projecting animated content or video onto it. A flat surface is no longer necessary to carry out this task.

3D projection mapping: this type of projection mapping allows you to spatially map – project – images or videos onto any non-flat surface. This includes any object with an odd shape, such as vehicles, furniture, statues, or even buildings with unusual architectural features. 3D mapping requires the use of a software that renders the surface and fits the content onto it without distortion.

Immersive projection mapping: an art form on its own, immersive projection utilizes all surface types in a venue to take the audience on a journey through a spellbinding experience with the use of virtual reality (VR). It is increasingly popular, for instance, when creating immersive exhibitions.

Mapping for indoor and outdoor events and venues

Our members’ projection mapping solutions can be utilized both indoors and outdoors in a variety of live events: concerts, live shows, TV productions, festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs, corporate events, meetings and conferences, product launches, etc. Projection mapping is also available for semi-permanent and permanent installations, for example in corporate buildings, hotel lobbies, places of worship, public institutions etc.

3D projection mapping can be achieved on any facade or surface of any indoor or outdoor object, as well as on buildings, landmarks, or geographic formations, while immersive video mapping is typically done indoors.


  • Projection (video) mapping
  • 3D projection mapping
  • Immersive projection mapping
  • Projectors
  • Projection lenses
  • Switchers
  • Video mapping software
  • Media servers
  • Audio solutions
  • Lighting solutions
  • 2D, 3D animation design
  • Holographic solutions
  • Facade animation solutions
  • Installation
  • Technical support

The above services are subject to availability in each member’s own portfolio

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Quality projection mapping equipment

For such purposes we use a variety of projection mapping hardware. The quality of the projection mapping solution depends strongly on the AV equipment, which is used. For accurate light quality we will always use a high-quality projector. Our projectors are mainly provided from our technology partners Barco and Panasonic. Using a quality projector allows us to achieve a high level of light output.

The projection mapping hardware, which is required in the background is called a media server. Among others, we use the high-end servers of disguise. Our mapping solutions can be applied across different live events. Providing immersive solutions is possible for any type of space. We combine the most advanced creative approaches with state of the art equipment for projecting.

What is a projection mapping software?

Video mapping requires very specific software solutions to run the necessary calculations and to ensure a proper output of the projected images onto the target surface. Through the use of a proper software solution the most creative ideas can be put into reality. The software allows to spatially map images or videos onto any type of surface through the use a projector or multiple projectors. It provides an interactive solution to deliver optical illusions.

How much does projection mapping cost?

The price range for projection mapping solutions depends strongly on the type of setup. It is dependent on the size of the used object. Size correlates to number and type of equipment used. If a large object is subject to projection mapping a larger number of high-power projectors is required, making your project more expensive. Another important aspect is the creative service that needs to be provided. There are no boundaries to the type of image or animation that can be applied. Our members have delivered numerous projection mapping solutions, applying the most different types of images.