Event Special Effects

Do you want to give a special touch to your event? Adding special effects can create an experience unlike any other for your audience while also highlighting and elevating your brand message.  Whether you are looking for pyrotechnics, smoke machines, 3d elements, laser beams and strobe lights, or even artificial snow to impress your event’s participants, our members have you covered!

Special effects for your event

We supply you with a variety of creative and stunning special effects solutions for your event. Whether it is a concert, a festival, or even a conference, we offer and install stunning special effects concepts to wow your audience and add a special touch to your event experience.

Combined with traditional audio visual elements, the right special effects can create a unique event experience. Our members are able to provide mesmerizing projection and video mapping solutions, virtual and augmented reality elements, 3D presentations, animations and much more.

Safety is our priority

We apply highest safety standards when using special effect products to make sure that your attendees stay safe while having a fabulous experience during any event. Consequently, we only apply approved solutions and tested products, carefully considering the surroundings and the environment, no matter if your event takes place indoors or outdoors.


  • Outdoor pyrotechnics
  • Proximate pyrotechnics
  • Fog and smoke machines
  • Dry ice
  • Artificial or real snow
  • Bubble machines
  • Strobe lights and lasers
  • 3D, AR, VR solutions
  • Projection mapping
  • Installation and rigging
  • Technical support
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