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AVFX is an event technology company with a passion for our work. We offer a unique combination of services that form the technical and space design foundation for any event. With locations in Boston and Denver, we serve clients across North America and around the globe. Our focus on the technical infrastructure and stage continuity is a key strength that ensures thoughtful design with innovative uses of technology. Our team is completely focused on making sure your event is planned and staged in such a way that as much risk as possible is mitigated, and the audience experience is seamless.

We are a great partner in creative thinking. We will collaborate with your team, and any outside creative vendors you may decide to bring into the project, to carefully plan and design media elements, speaker support and the overall continuity of the event. We will not feel ready for this event until we have seen, tested and reviewed all elements, with your team.

AVFX exhbition design
AVFX live event in arena


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    John Dubil
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