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Dorier is a Geneva-based audiovisual and creative technical production company that has successfully served institutional and corporate clients since 1946. We help brands create the right audiovisual experience to stage their message on the event scene. Ground-breakers and experience stagers, we imagine / craft / design / operate audiovisual environments that inspire audiences to action.

We bring Swiss quality to all types of international and local events around the world. Our complete range of cutting-edge audiovisual solutions and innovative concepts are selected and implemented by a passionate team who strives to further our clients’ best interests and guarantees the seamless delivery of their events.

With all expertise under one roof, choosing Dorier as your audiovisual and technical partner is one of the best ways to facilitate an efficient event planning experience, control costs, and streamline your efforts. The solution we offer is complete; from conception to on-site delivery, our exhaustive range of services meets your actual needs, preventing you from engaging with multiple vendors.

In addition to our offices in Europe, Latin America, and Asia, we have reinforced our international presence through strategic alliances with 100+ qualified audiovisual companies spread over 80 countries to further our clients’ best interests, lower their costs, and guarantee the same Swiss quality experience in every corner of the world.

Dorier Group Fintech Seedstars Summit
Dorier Group live event
Dorier Group 3D LED stage


Location: Geneva

Video quality: HD1080P – 4K (cameras + recorder only)
Sound quality: 48 Khz 16 bits
Number of cameras: 5 EFP cameras, 5 PTZ
Internet speed: 400 Mb symetric
Screen/LED availability: LED 2.6 mm – flat screens any size – video projection full HD
Streaming software used: Wirecast Pro


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    Dorier SA

    9 rue du Pré-Bouvier
    1242 Satigny / Geneva

    Phone: +41223092000

    [email protected]


    Contact person

    Nicolas Hersant
    Managing Director

    Phone: +41223090654
    E-Mail: [email protected]