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More than 40 years of experience in the international event sector, a stock of ultra-modern equipment throughout Germany, extensive technical know-how and a pronounced service philosophy: Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik is a high-end supplier of event technology. The company offers its clients expert consulting, creative design, detailed planning and high-quality realization in the fields of audio, lighting, video, conference technology, media production, event IT, rigging and staging. Additionally, N&M has accumulated an impressive amount of knowledge and experience with the planning and implementation of digital and hybrid events over the past years.

N&M’s clients include agencies and event organizers as well as national and international corporations. The company manages the technical side of AGMs, trade fairs and product presentations, congresses and press conferences. Its specialists work out technical concepts for festivals, tours and cultural events. Moreover, since its very early days, N&M has worked very closely with major radio and television stations.

N&M supports its national and international clients with its 20 offices in Germany and its branch in Barcelona. The enterprise employs over 800 people and works with a partner pool consisting of 2,600 freelance specialists: technicians, supervisors and engineers from a variety of disciplines.

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Berlin ⋅ May 2022

Meeting of G7 Development Ministers

Small component, massive impact: “Loadwatch” is a completely wireless load cell jointly developed by Neumann&Müller. It allows our partners and trade fair clients to monitor a large number of suspension points. At the “Best of Events” (BoE) trade fair we wanted to explain to visitors the important role “Loadwatch” plays in booth construction. Together with go-development GmbH, our partner in the development of the load cell, we built an exhibit that explained “Loadwatch” in a fun way while also accurately demonstrating how the system works. This prop was especially aimed at clients and visitors who previously had not concerned themselves to any great degree with this field of technology.

The goal with Case Invaders – created by us based on the retro video game “Space Invaders” – was to protect a truss from having to bear too much weight. The team from Digital Media was responsible for the design, programming and graphical realisation of the exhibit. Visitors to the booth at “BoE” controlled the “Case Invaders” game with a lever connected to a real “Loadwatch” load cell via pulleys. This simulated a real load, and the players’ task was to prevent excessive loading by eliminating “cases”.

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Munich ⋅ November 2022

NewPower Worldwide Booth at electronica 2022

Held in Munich in the middle of November, electronica 2022 highlighted its significance as the electronics industry’s leading global trade fair and conference platform – with over 2,100 exhibitors presenting their innovations across the entire electronics spectrum to 70,000 attendees. “meplan” designed the brand presentation at electronica for NewPower Worldwide, the fast growing globally operating distributor for the procurement and redistribution of electronic components, computer products and peripherals. Like us, these experts for the perfect trade fair experience are service partners of Messe München and commissioned us to plan and implement the suspension points and trusses as well as the lighting, audio, video and camera equipment.

One of the visual elements of the booth concept was based on around 700 metres of LED stripes. They were installed by meplan, and we integrated them into a data network. With half of the LED stripes, all the pixels could be activated individually, creating impressive effects for the about 30 light universes.

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Stuttgart ⋅ September 2022

Porsche presents “Dream Day”

As the entrepreneur Ferry Porsche once said: “Those lucky enough to build a business out of a dream owe it to the world to be the caretakers of dreams.” When he couldn’t find the sports car of his dreams, the engineer simply built it himself. With this company history in mind, on 25th September – “World Dream Day” – the Porsche company encouraged people in Stuttgart to reveal their dreams. In the run-up to the event itself, people were asked to submit their own dreams in an “out-of-home” marketing campaign on posters, in local media and on social media.

On the day itself, the Porsche team in Stuttgart interviewed passers-by in Pariser Platz and the Dorotheen district, asking them what motivated them and gave them guidance. And then came the big surprise: just a few moments after revealing their personal dream, it was artistically visualised on the two three by three-metre LED cubes – turning them into an inspiration for their fellow human beings. In the evening, the dreams were presented once more in a different form: a photographer had created portraits of the dreamers and when darkness came, they were projected onto the walls of the buildings in Dorotheenplatz in the forms of photo montages.

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Hanover ⋅ September 2022

SAF-Holland Booth at IAA Transportation

SAF-Holland presented innovations in electrification, digitalisation and autonomous driving at IAA Transportation. The fair sees itself as the world’s most important platform for the future of the commercial vehicle industry. In the middle of November, the globally leading manufacturer of vehicle assemblies and components for trailers, trucks and buses presented the “TRAKr” electric trailer axle in Hanover. It converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, stores it in a battery and uses it to feed electrical loads such as refrigerated and building material trailers. The company also presented its “Automated Coupling System”, which speeds up automated coupling and uncoupling procedures using a sensor-based process, and a digital tyre pressure monitoring system, which, coupled with an automated re-inflation system, is intended to prevent tyre failures and prolong their service life.

We were commissioned by the “mbco” booth construction specialists to carry out technical design and implementation for all the media equipment used in SAF-Holland’s corporate presence.

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Berlin ⋅ May 2022

Meeting of G7 Development Ministers

In 2022 Germany held the annually rotating presidency of the G7. The meetings of ministers from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Canada and the USA as well as representatives of the European Union are considered a platform for developing a key impetus to the solution of global problems. In the middle of May, Svenja Schulze, the German development minister, welcomed her fellow ministers to a two-day meeting in Berlin. The agenda included items such as the rebuilding of Ukraine, the food crisis and climate change.

We were hired as a technical service provider and were responsible for coordinating and controlling all technical services. Over a period spanning many years, we have gathered expertise in realising top-level international conferences and are also familiar with the rules of protocol associated with political summits, so it is no surprise that we were closely integrated into the event’s organisation team.

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Location: International Congress Center (ICS) Stuttgart

Video quality: Live: 1080p50 / Stream: 1080p25
Sound quality: on demand
Number of cameras: 4
Internet speed: on demand, up to 200 mbit/s symmetrical
Screen/LED availability: 75″ and 85″ FullHD sreens; more screens and LED walls upon request
Streaming software used: hardware encoding for h264, software encoding optional

With three fully equipped studios and tailor-made streaming packages, Messe Stuttgart – the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre – provides the perfect infrastructure for virtual and hybrid events. The ICS is located at the eastern end of Messe Stuttgart, placing it right next to the motorway and the airport. Learn more here!

Location: Hamburg City Studio

Video quality: HD and 4K
Sound quality: 44.1kHz / 48kHz
Number of cameras: 4
Internet speed: 100 mbit sym.
Screen/LED availability: LED screen upon request
Streaming software used: Blackmagic ATEM2 / Vmix

Location: xR Stage at Bavaria Studios, Munich

Video quality: Live: 1080p50 / Stream: 1080p25
Sound quality: upon request
Number of cameras: crane-mounted camera; camera tracking system; 3 HD cameras
Internet speed: 100 mbit/s
Screen/LED availability: fully operational extended reality setup; 8 x 4 m LED rear wall; 6 x 4 m LED side wall; 8 x 6 m LED floor
Streaming software used: depending on client needs

Location: International Congress Center Munich (ICM)

Video quality: Stream Full-HD/25p
Sound quality: Shure Wireless Systems, DPA Headsets, Yamaha Mixers, Broadcast Quality
Number of cameras: Different packages from 2-4 cameras
Internet speed: 100 Mbit/s
Screen/LED availability: on demand
Streaming software used:hardware encoding for h264, software encoding optional

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