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Almost 40 years of experience in the international event sector, a stock of ultra-modern equipment in locations all around Germany, extensive technical know-how and a pronounced service philosophy: Neumann&Müller is a high-end supplier of event technology. The company offers its clients expert consulting, creative design, detailed planning and high-quality realization in the fields of audio, lighting, video, conference technology, media production, event IT, rigging and staging.

Neumann&Müller’s clients include agencies and event organizers as well as national and international corporations. The company manages the technical side of AGMs, trade fairs and product presentations, congresses and press conferences. Its specialists work out technical concepts for festivals, tours and cultural events. Moreover, since its very early days, Neumann&Müller has worked very closely with major radio and television stations.

Neumann&Müller supports its national and international clients with its 19 offices in Germany, its branches in Dubai and at Fira de Barcelona and its team for Eastern Europe. The enterprise employs over 750 people and works with a partner pool consisting of 2,600 freelance specialists: technicians, supervisors and engineers from a variety of disciplines.

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Dresden ⋅ September 2020

Open-air concert on rooftops: “Himmel über Prohlis”

Musicians and orchestras are among those for whom, for the foreseeable future, the corona pandemic means “abandoning familiar performance formats, orchestra sizes and audience constellations. However, the forced realignment also presents an opportunity to devise and try out totally new formats.”

That was the premise of the Dresdner Sinfoniker (Dresden’s symphonic orchestra) – and it gave birth to the “Sky over Prohlis” programme, which in many ways represents new territory for musicians, the audience and us as providers of technical services. The composer Markus Lehmann-Horn wrote a piece for 16 alpine horns, nine trumpets, four tubas and dagu drums, which was not to be performed in a concert hall but was intended to ring out from the roofs of a tower block estate in the Prohlis district of Dresden.

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Munich ⋅ July 2020

Virtual Annual General Meeting of BayWa AG

Due to the corona pandemic, BayWa AG’s annual general meeting was held in the form of a virtual shareholder meeting at the end of July 2020. At the Munich headquarters of the globally operating company – a corporation with the core segments agriculture, energy and construction plus the development segments innovation and digitalisation – we set up a temporary studio and ensured the smooth handover of video and audio signals from the AGM to the streaming service that transmitted the webcast.

Taking all social distancing and hygiene rules into consideration, Neumann&Müller planned the camera, video, lighting and audio systems for this studio production within an extremely short period of time and implemented them on the conference floor of the BayWa building.

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Esslingen ⋅ July 2020

FESTO Virtual Exhibition

“Smart. Flexible. Digital.” was the slogan for the first “Festo Virtual Exhibition”. The event was held in the middle of July 2020 in Esslingen, where the world’s leading vendor of automation systems and technical education has its corporate headquarters. Visitors were able to experience a vivid presentation of Festo’s entire range of diverse products on the virtual trade fair booth.

From vocational training and engineering through to plant operation, the enterprise set new impulses for factory and process automation. Visitors also learnt about the new opportunities offered by collaborative robotics in the working environment of the future and how customers can boost their energy efficiency with smart products.

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Denmark ⋅ March 2020

Transformation of a Conference into a Digital Live Event

Special situations call for special solutions: at the beginning of January we were contracted by a client to plan and realize the technical side of its annual, two-day flagship event. The content of the conference consisted of a mixture of standard stage presentations with inspiring and influential speakers from the sector and numerous small creative workshops, at which 400 invited guests were able to try out interactive and playful methods as a way of exploring the various themes.

As global developments regarding the coronavirus came to a head, and the organisers had to make a decision, at Neumann&Müller we were forced to ditch our original planning begun back in January. As a precaution and out of consideration for the health of all involved, our team revised the concept for the event and, within six days, promptly turned it into a Digital Live Event. We set up a temporary studio on the client’s premise and put it into operation.

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Turtle Entertainment GmbH ⋅ “Castello” Düsseldorf ⋅ April 2019

Final of the ESL Spring Championship

The ESL Championship is the elite class of eSport in Germany and is held at alternating venues three times a year. Spring 2019 saw the country’s top gamers compete in three disciplines: “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and “League of Legends”. The winners were crowned national champions.

The semi-finals and the final of the Spring Championship were held at the “Castello” in Düsseldorf over two days in April. The four best teams in each discipline competed in front of over 25,000 online spectators a day for the title, the trophy and the lion’s share of the overall prize money of 67,000 €.

Neumann&Müller helped to prepare the perfect setting for the public event by providing the audio, lighting, video and rigging as well designing the stage.

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International Festival of Brand Experience ⋅ Westfalenhallen Dortmund ⋅ January 2019

BrandEx Festival

The “International Festival of Brand Experience” (BrandEx) is a new and exciting format that premiered in Dortmund in January 2019. The idea of the festival is to provide a platform for regular, comprehensive and inspiring reflection and debate to ensure that the live marketing sector continues to grow and develop.

The result is an event that brings together different formats under one roof and provides exclusive discussion and performance forums for interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas between all involved in the sector – from old hands through to motivated newcomers.

Since the new format was launched, Neumann&Müller have been involved on the creative side of things together with dozens of insiders from various subsectors of our industry, who collaborate on concepts within project groups. The resulting marketing festival communicates know-how, gives attendees the opportunity to forge new contacts and networks, and is crowned by an award ceremony.

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Zimmertheater Tübingen GmbH – Dieter and Peer Ripberger ⋅ Tübingen ⋅ September 2018

„care4equipment“ for the „Zimmertheater“ in Tübingen

A small building for great art: the “Zimmertheater” in Tübingen emerged from the “Freie Theatergruppe Thespiskarren” in1958. It has two rooms that can accommodate 120 people – the “Zimmer am Neckar” with a capacity of 50 and the “Gewölbe” for an audience of 70 – and it generates an intense theater atmosphere on each of its two stages.

The venue’s history contributes to its extraordinary charm: the laboratories of the Trapp’sche Apotheke pharmacy were once located on this site in the Bursagasse in the center of the historical old city. Located directly on the picturesque banks of the Neckar river, below the St. George’s Collegiate Church and in the immediate vicinity of the Alte Burse, the Hölderlin Tower and the Neckar Island, the theater continues its progressive mission with a permanent ensemble and contemporary orientation.

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Deutsche Telekom AG ⋅ Fira de Barcelona, Spain ⋅ March 2017

Deutsche Telekom Fair Stand at Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is Deutsche Telekom’s most important international platform for demonstrating its technological leadership. At the end of February 2017, over 2,200 companies met in Barcelona for the sector’s annual gathering of network operators, smartphone producers and tablet manufacturers. The heading for the sector’s leading international exhibition was “Mobile – The next element”.

Deutsche Telekom’s exhibition stand featured new products relating to “5G”, the communication standard being promoted as the technical basis for the “Internet of Things”. Neumann&Müller were in sole charge of the audio, lighting and video systems and were also responsible for the rigging on the exhibition stand, as we have been since 2014.

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Location: International Congress Center (ICS) Stuttgart

Video quality: Live: 1080p50 / Stream: 1080p25
Sound quality: on demand
Number of cameras: 4
Internet speed: on demand, up to 200 mbit/s symmetrical
Screen/LED availability: 75″ and 85″ FullHD sreens; more screens and LED walls upon request
Streaming software used: hardware encoding for h264, software encoding optional

With three fully equipped studios and tailor-made streaming packages, Messe Stuttgart – the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre – provides the perfect infrastructure for virtual and hybrid events. The ICS is located at the eastern end of Messe Stuttgart, placing it right next to the motorway and the airport. Learn more here!

Location: Station Berlin

Video quality: Live: 1080p50 / Stream: 1080p25
Sound quality: on demand
Number of cameras: up to 3
Internet speed: on demand, up to 200 mbit/s symmetrical
Screen/LED availability: 75″ or 98″ Display, LED Wall on request (2.86px recommended)
Streaming software used: hardware encoder

Location: N&M Studio in Taufkirchen, Munich

Video quality: Full HD 1080p all framerates
Sound quality: Shure Wireless Systems, DPA Headsets, Yamaha Mixers, Broadcast Quality
Number of cameras: 4
Internet speed: 200MBit Up / 200 MBit down
Screen/LED availability: curved WatchOut-Screen, flat screen 9m x 3,60m
Streaming software used:hardware encoding for h264, software encoding optional

Location: International Congress Center Munich (ICM)

Video quality: Stream Full-HD/25p
Sound quality: Shure Wireless Systems, DPA Headsets, Yamaha Mixers, Broadcast Quality
Number of cameras: Different packages from 2-4 cameras
Internet speed: 100 Mbit/s
Screen/LED availability: on demand
Streaming software used:hardware encoding for h264, software encoding optional

Location: Hamburg City Studio

Video quality: HD and 4K
Sound quality: 44.1kHz / 48kHz
Number of cameras: 4
Internet speed: 100 mbit sym.
Screen/LED availability: LED screen upon request
Streaming software used: Blackmagic ATEM2 / Vmix

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