Hybrid Event Production

Different times call for different event types, and at AV Alliance we are at the forefront of continuously exploring, advancing, and delivering hybrid events that blend the entertainment and engagement of in-person and virtual audiences in equal measure. As hybrid solutions are becoming increasingly high-demand, we are continue to to create new event experiences with a unique touch: catering to the different needs of your guests by offering stunning, customized audio visual and event technology solutions both for those who are physically in attendance and those who follow your event via live stream.

What are hybrid events?

By definition, hybrid events are called a mixture of virtual and live elements, however this would mean that it is enough to live stream your event or record it and make the footage available on demand in order to have a hybrid event. After an exceptionally challenging year when companies had to fight for the attention of their target audiences more than ever before, we have learned that the matter is actually much more complex. Hybrid events are, and will be, a balancing act of entertaining and catering to the needs of live and virtual audiences at the same time, creating a memorable event experience on both sides of the camera.

Hybrid event types and formats

Thanks to the advanced technology available in the market, any type of event can be made hybrid, regardless the size or the location of the production. Whether you are considering a conference, a public speaking event, an awards show, a training program, a comedy act, a worldwide product launch, or even a film premiere, the possibilities are endless as long as there is a will and a great broadband connection.

Our AV Alliance members take care of the latter, as well as the technology that is necessary to present your event to an online audience. They can also help you with bringing creative ideas to life, be it interactive tools or traditional and digital event elements – from audio visual technology, staging, lighting, and special effects to virtual production, event platforms, and stunning AR, VR, mixed reality, and xR solutions.

Reducing risks with hybrid events in a changed world

Hybrid events bridge the universal need for minimizing safety risks and the need to connect people. But more than that, they are also help reduce risks for the event industry. One of the longest lasting effects of the pandemic will arguably be uncertainty: new outbreaks bring new lockdowns and last-minute changes into our lives. While planning future events, organizers need to factor in the risk of having to cancel or pivot live events in the matter of hours, and attendees may occasionally be forced to cancel flights and stay at home instead of travelling to a multinational conference or trade show abroad.

Incorporating the virtual element in hybrid events from the get-go allows participants to tune in from a distance without having to scrap an entire event, should unexpected circumstances arise. Reducing in-person attendee numbers or going fully digital is also possible with the virtual platform and/or infrastructure already in place and ready to go.


  • Sound systems for live setting and streaming
  • Sound design
  • Mixers, switchers
  • LED and projection
  • Camera systems (4K, full HD)
  • Lighting, studio lighting
  • Staging, studio staging
  • Rigging and truss
  • 3D, AR, VR solutions
  • Special effects
  • Hardware encoders
  • Software encoders (e.g. Vmix, Wirecast)
  • RTMP and Cloud transcoding
  • Audio, video recording
  • Virtual event platform
  • Virtual event tools
  • IT infrastructure
  • Miscellaneous (HDMI cables, etc.)
  • Installation and construction
  • Technical support

The above services are subject to availability in each member’s own portfolio

PSP Live Studio in Birmingham
Maxi Studio 3
Pixl Studio 8 xR stage

AV equipment for a hybrid event setting

Make sure your AV equipment and set-up are optimized for live streaming, too, and plan the layout of your venue – along with your staging, lighting, sound systems, and digital solutions (such as using AR, VR, MR, xR) – with that in mind. When it comes to choosing an event platform that will host your virtual audience during your event, select one that fits seamlessly with your live event’s needs and matches all your requirements for engaging remote attendees. In short, pick a digital platform that makes your job easier, not more complicated, along with an expert team of event production professionals who will manage it for you.

Even the simplest live events need certain amount of audio visual equipment (sound system, video, lighting, staging, etc.) that are suited for the characteristics of the venue and make sure that the audience at the back of the room hears and sees everything as well as the people sitting in front of the stage. The same goes for virtual events, which come with their own set of equipment. If you pivot your event from a solely live setting to a hybrid one, you need to incorporate technology that works for your remote audience. This means that the live stream input and output will require equipment that is separate from the live event part of your set-up, and those extra cameras, mixing, virtual platform, etc. will need additional crew to be operated by.

On the other hand, if you decide to bring your planned virtual event into a live setting, you will need to install technology that works in a physical space, too, rather than just in a digital one. Venues that are adapted to hybrid events do offer such solutions and make it easier on audio visual providers to supply the necessary technology and support.

Hybrid event venues

Hybrid events work with any audience size, and can be easily converted to a purely virtual event. This, however, does not mean that you should pay full cancellation fee and lose money by not utilizing all the spaces that you booked at your venue; an ever-growing number of hybrid studios, conference venues, and convention centers around the world offer hybrid-friendly solutions. Hotel chains are also fast adapting to hosting hybrid events with innovative solutions, with some even offering clients to convert breakout rooms into live streaming studio spaces, which are able to connect presenters with virtual audiences for smaller, exclusive sessions. Such venues also have upgraded infrastructure to provide high-end technology solutions that enable clients to engage both in-person and remote attendees.

Virtual platforms for hybrid events

Having a virtual platform is a must if you decide to host a hybrid event. The platform serves as the venue  for your remote attendees, but also allows your live audience to connect with them. If you planned for a virtual event and would like to pivot to a hybrid format, and already have found a platform that works for your needs, make sure that it can accommodate interaction from both audiences (such as direct messaging, forum, polling, Q&A, etc.)

If you are looking into turning your in-person event hybrid, look for a hybrid/digital platform that has the built-in mobile app function that will help connect you with both the live and the remote audiences, and the option for attendees to build their own tailor-made agendas that will allow them to plan out their participation ahead of time (whether they are joining you in person or virtually).

Choosing a virtual platform that has all the functionalities you need requires careful consideration. Our AV Alliance members have been tested and worked with a multitude of digital event platforms and are here to help you by recommending the software that best fit the needs of your event, your client, and your audience, as well as your technical requirements and budget.

Unparalleled global studio network

Most event experience providers, such as members of our global network at AV Alliance, are equipped with dedicated live streaming studios that are specifically designed to provide a professional backdrop to not just virtual, but also hybrid events. Some of these studios are permanent, some are mobile and can be set up in any venue, making the lives of clients that much easier.

The AV Alliance network currently has live streaming studios in almost 70 locations worldwide, and has also had a boost in the number of brand new xR studios in the past year. These facilities are capable of delivering on the advanced technology that is required to create life-like blended reality environments and experiences.

Click the button below to find out more about our studio live streaming capacities and virtual studios in one or multiple locations for your next hybrid event, and find the AV Alliance member closest to you with a studio fully equipped with the latest technology!