A Thank You To Our Resigning Board Members

The Board of the AV Alliance, 2018 - Les Goldberg, Daniel Pycock, Simon Ackermann, Peter Worth, Peter Muller

From left to right: Les Goldberg, Daniel Pycock, Simon Ackermann, Peter Worth, Peter Muller in Frankfurt, 2018

One of the many strengths of the AV Alliance has always been its exceptional members within the global network, and that is just as true for the Board of the association. As our newly elected Board members are already working on shaping the future of the AV Alliance, we would like to take a moment to thank Les Goldberg, Peter Worth, and Daniel Pycock, our most recent resigning Board members for their leadership in the past years.

At our recent Annual General Meeting in the beginning of April, our AV Alliance members elected a new Board – the primary decision-making body of the association – as they do every few years. This new team of highly respected company leaders, Matt Emerson (CEAVCO), Alex Ostermaier (Neumann&Müller), and Martin Blanchard (Expert’ease) have by now started working with Chairman Péter Müller (Special Effect International) and our founder and re-elected Board member Simon Ackermann (Habegger AG).

While we cannot wait to see the new heights this new joint leadership effort will take AV Alliance, we would like to acknowledge those who have taken us so far in the past years. Before the month of April is out, we wanted to take the time to properly thank our resigning Board members, Les GoldbergPeter Worth, and Daniel Pycock for the dedication that they put into making the AV Alliance an exceptional and powerful player in the audio visual sector over the past years. Without the strong support and leadership of our Board, the year 2020 would have been even more challenging and marked with heavy losses. Instead, the AV Alliance has gained more members in the past 16 months than it had to lose to the pandemic, and this tendency is still growing.

While we cannot emphasize enough the overall impact that our previous Board has had on our global network, it is just as important to draw attention to the individual contributions our resigning members have made to the AV Alliance during their tenure.

Les Goldberg, the founder and CEO of LMG, is a well-known veteran in the live event and entertainment business with an incredible drive and dedication to his craft that are second to none. He famously started his company in 1984 at the age of 17, with a 3CRT projector, a big loan, and an even bigger entrepreneurial spirit. From its humble beginnings LMG has blossomed into a $100+ million, award-winning company under Les’s leadership and can-do attitude to life and business alike. He is also a published author and is dedicated to the education of innovation and best practices, which he carried over into his work in the AV Alliance. Having served as its Board member for 10 years, right from the beginning, Les has contributed immensely to expanding our global network and setting a standard in the industry.
Les Goldberg, Owner, LMG
Peter Worth, CEO, Audio Visual Dynamics
A true gentleman in every way, Australian Peter Worth is owner and CEO of our Melbourne-based member company Audio Visual Dynamics, which he turned from a small, run-down company he had purchased with his father into one of Australia’s leading hotel AV support providers, delivering more than 10,000 events each year. Having run his business for nearly 30 years, Peter is well-known and highly respected in the industry for his passion for providing the highest quality services for the hotel, conference, and corporate venue market. Having served in the Board for seven years, he made a lasting impact on the network’s present and future with his dedication to diversity and to the representation of the APAC region and especially Australia within the AV Alliance.
Raised in Spain and later in Aberdeen in Scotland, Daniel Pycock is a true international entrepreneur who has been involved in the live experience industry for over 20 years, starting with technical roles, evolving into project management, and growing into the management of his company Visionarea, which he founded when he was 27 years old. His trajectory has allowed him to acquire knowledge on many different levels and his experience has given him a bird’s eye view of our industry around the globe. Daniel’s sunny outlook in life and his enthusiastic approach to exploring new technologies and avenues in the live event business has made him an important asset to the Board during his three years as a member.
Daniel Pycock, CEO, Visionarea

It has been a great pleasure, Gentlemen!