Audiovisual member company Special Effects International expands in Hungary

Zsolt Kassai, CEO of Special Effects (right) with Zoltan Szmodits (left), former owner of Mobil Audio, now the Touring and Live Entertainment division of Special Effects

Special Effects International announced the acquisition of Mobil Audio and Light Ltd., the 20-year-old sound, lighting and staging production company. With the transaction a new business unit, the Touring and Live Entertainment has been established within Special Effects to provide high-quality technical solutions for festivals, roadshows and concerts internationally.

This step is part of a long-term strategy which has been preceded by few other mergers and a comprehensive organizational restructuring in recent years. By the acquisition, Special Effects has significantly expanded its capacities with state-of-the-art equipment pool as well as strengthened its team of professionals with highly skilled technical experts.

“Mobil Audio and Light has been our partner since its establishment. Our colleagues have built rapport over the last two decades that will help the quick integration of the team of twenty full-time employees and lay a solid foundation for future growth” – said Zsolt Kassai, CEO of Special Effects International.

New division: Touring and Live Entertainment

As a result of the acquisition the sixth stand-alone division, Touring and Live Entertainment has been formed within the company. The new business unit, managed by Zoltan Szmodits, former owner of Mobil Audio, is able to serve large-scale concerts and outdoor events in line with the highest standards.

“Special Effects provides a stable base for a prosperous operation in every aspect. Its international clientele and extensive business experience will guarantee further market expansion and professional advancement” – noted Zoltan Szmodits. “Leaving the daily duties of company management behind, despite managing bigger resources than before, I can focus again on customer relations and innovations to assure the progress of the department and Special Effects” – added the AV industry expert.

Broad range of audiovisual services in Hungary and abroad

Special Effects’ business divisions are the following: International Events, Hotel AV Services, Event Production, Exhibition & Installation, Creative Event Design and Touring & Live Entertainment.