AV Alliance Academy trains AV technicians as well as event and project managers

AV Alliance Academy

Hosted by our Madrid based AV member company Visionarea the AV Academy attracted participants from member companies as far away as Singapore and Malaysia.

62 members joined the recent AV Alliance Academy in Madrid in December 2018

Technical directors, technical AV managers and project managers from all over the world got together in Madrid to receive training on a variety of topics. In cooperation with Yamaha, d&b audiotechnikand Sennheiser an audio training room was setup to share the latest development in spatial sound technology, mixing, redundant audio networks, loudspeaker design and wireless frequencies.
In addition, the participating members received training on LED screens, specifically the setup of outdoor LED screen structures, camera systems, projection and waterproof IP65 lighting technologies. One highlight of the training program was the visit to the Visionarea office and lecture on projection mapping by the Romero brothers. The AV training program was packed with different lectures from our technology partners. The participating project managers received an interactive training on international project management was setup with the support of member company Special Effects. The project management training allowed AV Alliance members to better understand the challenges of international collaboration as a result of our global work for corporate events, congresses, summits, international meetings and many other live events.

AV companies invest in quality by means of training

AV Alliance continues to invest in the training of the member employees to provide clients with a superior and consistent quality level around the globe. AV Alliance currently has 71 AV companies with more than 100 locations worldwide. Ensuring consistent service levels is one of the key elements and a fundamental aspect of our alliance-wide cooperation. Well trained AV technicians, project and event managers, combined with the latest in high quality AV equipment allow us to serve the needs of our demanding international clients.