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1.    Should the Board of the AV Alliance decide to advance your application for membership, a site visit, to be conducted by the General Manager and an assigned Member of the AV Alliance, is a critical component to our evaluation.

2.    During the site visit we specifically would like to tour your warehouse and offices, ask questions about your operation, and meet some of the senior members of your team.

3.    Please note that we focus only on the facility in the territory for which you are applying. While we are interested in your entire company, the location of interest must meet minimum requirements to be considered to represent the AV Alliance.

4.    The payment of the assessment fee covers the Alliance’s expenses for the site visit and is non-refundable in the event your application is denied. For this reason, we encourage you to reach out to us in case you need further details about the acceptance criteria.

* if a member joins the association later than January of any given year, the membership fee is discounted and billed only for the remaining months of the year.
** to be increased to EUR 3,000 as of 2025.

Membership Criteria

At least three of the following services must be offered: lighting; audio; video; rigging; IT

All of the following services must be offered: engineering; installation; operation; support; warehousing

In addition, an AV Alliance member must:

  • be able to submit offers formulated in English
  • be able to submit offers in which individual items – including descriptions and prices – are declared
  • have technical experts available who can provide customer support in English
  • guarantee competent installation, support and removal by professionally trained staff
  • own high-quality and properly maintained products in its rental inventory
  • have its own or rented warehouse within a radius of 250 km
  • have a portfolio of existing references
  • employ at least five full-time technical experts
  • have its own vehicle fleet
  • have been active in the market for at least five years
  • be able to offer and bill its services in EUR or USD

All of the above criteria are required to be fulfilled for any member of the AV Alliance.

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