Coming Soon: AV Alliance Hybrid Event Showcase

AV Alliance Hybrid Event Showcase

Over the course of the past year we have seen our beloved event industry emerge from the lowest of Covid-19 lows and regroup and reinvent itself through its famous flexibility and resilience. It has been a tough journey that has left many scars, but has also opened up many new, unexpected possibilities for clients and event production companies alike.

Now corporate events and live entertainment are finally coming back, but in this post-pandemic landscape there are now more questions surrounding the future of events than ever before. After a long year of purely virtual events, suddenly all everyone is talking about is “hybrid”.

Ever since the industry has started to accept the fact that the way we used to do events has changed for the foreseeable future, our members of the AV Alliance have been working tirelessly on getting ready for the “Age of Hybrid Events” and finding the answers for the many questions surrounding them. Now the time has come for us at AV Alliance to put our immeasurable combined experience in producing live and virtual events together and show you how this new hybrid event type is everything you never knew you needed and wanted.

To this end, on Thursday, July 15 at 15:00 UTC we are hosting a free-of-charge Hybrid Event Showcase, in which we invited our members, technology partners, colleagues and fellow industry experts from all over the world to coming together both in person and connecting virtually to discuss the road that lies ahead for live, virtual, and most importantly hybrid events.

In two lively panel discussions our guests, led by our host and award-winning journalist and current PBS News Special Correspondent Ryan Chilcote, will explore topics that revolve around the nature of hybrid events, the road that led us to them, their benefits for our clients, and the different technologies that are available in the market and, most importantly, within the service portfolio of the AV Alliance:

Client Experience in the Age of Hybrid Events

Hear our panel discuss why hybrid events are the future, and how they add value that clients always wanted but did not know they could have – until now. On this panel we will have:

JOAQUIN DE ELIAS, Congress Rental | AV Alliance, Congress Rental Network
HARTMUT KULESSA, Panasonic Visual Systems| AV Alliance Partner
JÜRGEN KÜNKEL, Vantage Global Event Production GmbH
ROMAN MUŠKA, Prague Convention Bureau, Hybrid City Alliance
SOTARO NISHIDA, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH | AV Alliance Partner
ROBIN PURSLOW, Eclipse Global | AV Alliance

Hybrid Showstoppers: Studios, Platforms, and Mixed Reality

Hear our experts explore what role do green screen and xR studios play in the age of hybrid, and how AR and VR can become integral parts of events in the future. Discussing the above will be:

DONALD GUZAUCKAS, JR., HB Live | AV Alliance, Rental & Staging Network
PAUL HUTTON, ETP Europe, Pixl Evolution | AV Alliance
ERIC NEWKIRK, CEAVCO | AV Alliance, Rental & Staging Network
TOM ROCKHILL, disguise | AV Alliance Partner

Join us online on July 15 at 15:00 UTC for this first, free-of-charge Showcase event, which will:

  • Show how our audio visual technology providers and manufacturers overcame the challenges of 2020 to meet your changed needs
  • Explain the benefits of combining live and virtual elements in one event
  • Explore how you can have a single event across multiple time zones, connecting multiple locations, speakers, and audiences at the same time
  • Give you the event production experts’ point of view on connecting live events with a virtual platform
  • Introduce showstopping technology, e.g. extended reality (xR) that you never thought could be a part of your show, were it not for hybrid

…and much more.

We are excited to see you soon!