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Modular Backdrop Solutions

AV-Drop stands alone as a unique reusable modular backdrop solution designed to create amazing backdrops. Build Screen Surrounds, (LED or Projection) Immersive and Conference Rooms, Photocalls/Step & Repeats, Projection Screens (seamless, front or rear), Masking/Divider Walls, Displays Virtual Studios and so much more, with or without printed branding.

The AV-Drop System far exceeds the capabilities of traditional timber theatrical solutions and provides unmatched modularity, performance, sustainability with endless design possibilities. This is especially true for storage and shipping – a 5 meter high by 30 meter wide set can breakdown to 2 shipping pallets.

Born in Barcelona, now recognized worldwide, AV-Drop has quickly become the new gold standard for event backdrops. Manufactured of high-quality aluminum and covered with stretched fabric skins, it boasts both structural and decorative benefits that can be flown or ground supported up to 6m (20’h).​ ​

Fully reusable, tool-less, and modular, the aluminum frames connect with clamps. Fabric skins can be white, colors or branded prints. Skins quicky attach with Velcro, allowing for quick set up and dismantling. This system offers marked savings in installation labor costs compared to traditional options. Its inherent flexibility makes custom projects much easier.

Exceeding industry standards and requirements, the unique AV-Drop System is a modular, modern, ROI/investment friendly and eco-sustainable product. You can now efficiently bring traditional scenic shop quality and expertise to any event without the shop.

AV-Drop is available for Rental or Purchase, shipping globally.

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For more information you can visit our website: https://av-drop.com/