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From a garage to global benchmark.

The audio experts from Southern Germany

In the years since 1981 the pioneering idea that an integrated loudspeaker system could be more than the sum of its parts has become a global standard. Today d&b audiotechnik is synonymous with professional loudspeaker systems and exacting requirements. Whether mobile or permanently installed, solutions are targeted yet flexible, for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Since day one, d&b audiotechnik has been driven with care and precision by a spirited team. Nowadays the company is an international family of more than 500, with an attitude to working life that makes it more than just a job.

This fair minded preoccupation embedded in the company its mission: “d&b constantly endeavours to elevate the quality of sound systems to accurately transfer passions.”

All carefully and thoughtfully conceived by a dedicated team, to carry out its vision: “As the renowned worldwide market leader, d&b audiotechnik defines the global standard for technology, quality and support of professional loudspeaker systems.”

Courtesy of d&b audiotechnik.

Known for audio technology, product and service. And keeping it simple.

A d&b system is not just a loudspeaker. It consists of carefully integrated and aligned components: loudspeakers, amplifiers, accessories and software. Solutions also come with finance options, service and support, a knowledgeable distribution network, education and training, and technical information. A comprehensive, harmonious whole, known as the d&b System Reality.

All this enables the highest quality results, and a sonic reputation that can be realized, repeated and relied on. Consistently, each and every time. The d&b Workflow ensures the theory works in practise. This straightforward methodology for optimizing d&b systems takes the task in hand one step at a time, all the way from virtual planning to the real life of the performance. Systematic thinking. It’s not a gimmick. It’s a way of life.

A continually expanding bunch of passionate co-workers.

More than three decades have passed since the company was founded, a period of time that has seen some of the greatest technological and social changes. But at d&b two founding principles have stood the test of time: the integrated approach known as System Reality, and the tenet of Democracy For Listeners, a belief that everyone should experience the same exceptional quality of sound, regardless of their position in the audience.

These ideas form the essence of all that d&b stands for and provide the cultural cornerstones of a growing family. Whether on social media, onsite or at a seminar, they bind an international community – of users, partners and co-workers – to a common goal and way of working. The spirit of d&b is fuelled by a fixation with achieving ever better quality of sound; by the belief that d&b systems make a difference; and by a resonance between the individual and the brand. That is to say, a sense of belonging that spreads from the inside out, and outside in.

Where business meets creative ambition.

A d&b system is much more than just equipment. It’s a long term relationship with genuinely enthusiastic individuals, ready to listen and share their experience and expertise, in application support, education and training, service, sales, and finance. Technology developed to meet the markets’ needs. Backed up with care by people in the know.

Not surprisingly, the d&b Corporate reality is founded on the principles of System Reality: performance, integration, neutrality, responsibility, commitment, credibility and consistency.