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Let’s Get Digital is a virtual event platform for online, hybrid and in-person events with a fully personalized and thoroughly engaging experience for every user. Let’s Get Digital is the leading online platform which is fully dedicated to delivering a remarkable event experience and to help you create events that are remembered for a long time.

In 2017, Let’s Get Digital was founded to create networking and data generation tools for in-person events with their mobile application. In early 2020, we created our online platform, dedicated to hosting digital events that feel like physical. In 2021, we’ve facilitated over 1150 events with more than 550.000 users worldwide to make their events remarkable and remembered. From small internal town halls of 100 people, to conferences with complicated programs and full Virtual Press Centers for big international events like the Eurovision Song Contest with 1500 journalists, we helped event organizers to create and host events that will stand out.


Our vision

Our vision is to facilitate the world’s most remarkable events by creating exceptional and unconventional event experiences that get remembered. Our transformative, fanatic and enthusiastic team is focused on improving events while making a positive impact on people and the environment.

Creating one-stop-shop experience

Over the past 2 years, Let’s Get Digital has been building on their worldwide partner network. In these partnerships, both our Partners and we can focus on our own strengths. Together with our partners, we deliver a full one-stop shop experience for our clients. In addition to their own services, like project management, hardware rental and their own specialism, our partners are able to deliver the software tools of Let’s Get Digital to their clients. By adding this, they are able to turn the events of their clients into remarkable experiences, which will be remembered for a long time.

Virtual event fireworks, not features

Our user-friendly robust virtual event platform is designed for event professionals to create unique event experiences for their attendees. We build special features which we call them “fireworks” to make sure you host more real and engaging online or hybrid events than ever before. Imagine, you welcome your attendees at the fully customized virtual lobby. Then all of a sudden the screen starts to shake, tiles fly around and your whole screen collapses. You have no idea what is happening!  In an instant, the full screen is filled with the opening of the event. And you have full attention on the screen and are still not sure what is going on and you ask yourself “WOW! Did that just really happen…!? That is Let’s Get Digital!


Benefits of our partner network

Let’s Get Digital offers these partners more benefits than they can count. First class service from your personal support contact, a personal account manager, roadmap influence, feature request and many more. In addition, we are aiming to build a business together with our partners. With the revenue share provided from Let’s Get Digital, we offer our partners the possibility to use the software to generate new income possibility on your current project. Even more importantly, our partners are able to get more business in by being a one-stop-shop for event organizers.


Every month, we host several free Expert Sessions as our demo events to showcase our platform and provide a remarkable experience. Curious to know how you can host memorable events? Sign up for the next session here!

If you would like to get in touch, you can reach out to our Partnership Director, Ruben Haring at +31502110431 or via [email protected] or  reach out to us via our website.