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Our vision is to create next level space & experience by integrating video technology

Our mission is to contribute to Rental & Staging company’s successful businesses through providing “sensation, relief, and comfort” with Panasonic products (projector, camera) and solutions.


Panasonic is addressing diverse needs from visual expression by various display devices mainly with projectors. Professional Projectors have 30% market share globally in high-brightness category. We will strive to offer extraordinary touching experience with projection mapping for entertainment industry including Rental and Staging companies.


Panasonic supports customers’ mission-critical works with professional-caliber AV devices including broadcasting cameras that are used for news production as well as editing systems, and also PTZ cameras that are used for staging, conference, and schools.
Our Broadcasting Camera has 23% market share globally which is No.2, backed by safe and secure shooting and recording capability with high picture quality.
PTZ Camera maintains 33% market share globally which is No.1, by offering optimal camerawork that enables to shoot without missing a touching moment. We will continue to make every effort to contribute to Rental & Staging companies by enhancing our unique core technologies for camera.