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ROE Visual, founded in 2006, is one of the world’s leading LED display manufacturers. With a drive for innovation and high-quality products, ROE Visual aims to serve professional users globally.

ROE Visual provides high-quality large screen LED displays for a broad range of applications; large touring artists and film studios, as well as spectacular broadcast events and retail or architectural installations, are using ROE Visual LED solutions. ROE Visual products offer maximal creativity, ease-of-use, durability, and visual excellence.

ROE Visual offers global support through its EU and US-based sales and service centers. The support and engineering teams provide expert knowledge in LED display technology; based on their broad touring experience, they can troubleshoot or offer on-site intervention and training when requested.

ROE Visual has several operational bases, the lead manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, and additional sales offices and service centers in Europe and the United States. The company enjoys relationships with leading global AV Installers, rental companies, and other notable partners.

With its primary focus on the high-end LED display rental market, ROE Visual has designed and
developed a series of robust products that have earned a solid track record in several market segments, such as live events, sports, broadcast, film, and AV Integration.

ROE Visual offers an extensive range of best-in-class LED solutions that stand out through its innovative design and user-friendly features. ROE Visual products have won several international awards, including Red Dot, IDEA, IF, and G-mark. ROE Visual LED panels create the possibility to develop any signage or display solution, whether a small or large display is required. With its stunning quality and flawless canvas, the ROE Visual LED products are recognized as the industry standard for either the film or live event sector.

ROE Visual products are frequently featuring on various projects in several segments, such as:

  • Live Music and Touring
  • Festivals
  • Corporate events
  • Car shows
  • Sports Events
  • Film and broadcast productions
  • Virtual and hybrid events

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