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The Best Software for Equipment Rentals, Labor &Transportation Scheduling

Providing you one software to manage your equipment rentals, labor planning, transportation scheduling and repair management

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Our software is developed with collaboration with leading and well-respected AV companies from all over the world. A flexible, user definable solution that can be configured specifically for your company. Our software provides the following key benefits for any AV rental company:

  • Easy and Simple – your team is live in hours.
  • Simplify screens and only see functionality and fields relevant to your operations.
  • Fast – open orders with hundreds of lines in seconds.

Key operational benefits

  1. Real Time Equipment Availability Across all your locations
    -Know status, location and future availability of equipment.
    -Maximize physical and financial utilization of owned equipment.
    -Graphical Planning module to maximize use of owned gear.
  2. Integrated Labor Planning module
    -Communicate and track all communication with resources
    -Track Labor Gross Margins from Planning to Job Completion
    -Manage per-diem and travel costs within the system
    -Native iOS and Android App for resources to communicate and enter times worked
  3. Minimize equipment repair costs and turnaround time
    -Auto generate service tickets with preventive maintenance schedules.
    -Keep detailed audit on repair costs and break-down patterns.
    -Invoice customers for damages, if needed.
  4. Schedule drivers and trucks including e-signature.
  5. Web based dashboard with customizable widgets offering real time snapshots of operational data 24 X 7.
  6. Multi language and currency
    -Use the software in a language and currency of your choice and send out information to customers in a language and currency of their choice.
  7. Business conditions and rules for critical alerts
    -Have the software reach out to you, rather than you having to search for relevant data.
    -Customize as per your specific operational requirements.
  8. Custom reporting and schedule report distribution
    -Create and generate custom reports as required for your business.
    -Have the reports delivered on a pre-determined frequency to selected staff.
  9. CRM Module
    -Integrated with R2 so all data updated electronically.
    -Checks for duplicate accounts.
    -View R2 quotes, orders and invoices for status and repeat business.
    -Sales forecast and revenue generation reports.

About Unique Business Systems (UBS)

  • UBS has been providing and supporting rental management software for over 34 years.
  • Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, USA.
  • R2 is our 3rd generation software tool for rental business.
  • We have 4 support offices worldwide with 24 X 7 customer support.
  • The R2 team provides complete product training along with industry best practices to maximize your potential.
  • We have over 650 companies running R2 in over 30 countries.

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12304 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 214 Los Angeles, CA 90025 USA
[email protected] (310) 396-3929 Ext 173, (310) 864-9498 cell