The importance of a global AV Alliance

The importance of a global AV Alliance

Simone Petitti and Nicola D’Amore from our Italian AV member company Eventi-X speak about the importance of a global alliance in the AV industry:

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “Alliance” as ‘a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organisations.’

The AV Alliance was originally formed to promote and facilitate project requirements for international clients, through a network of regional representatives. The idea was to create a true family of AV providers who are committed to giving levels of service and expertise which are second to none.

As a truly international organization, we can offer our clients the latest state of the art event equipment, working only with the top brands in the world. From stunning video, projections, to top of the range 4K LED displays, amazing sound systems and emotional animated lighting.

All our fellow Alliance members employ only well-trained technicians. Here at Eventi-X, our staff selection process is rigorous and on-going training part of our commitment to both our clients and also our staff development.

At Eventi-X we are proud to have been involved with the AV Alliance for 4 years now. Indeed, we are the only member covering the central and south region of Italy. Being a part of AV Alliance allows us to exchange ideas with fellow members in a ‘think tank’ which is the biggest of its kind throughout Europe and the world. It ensures we keep up to date on new technologies in a constantly changing industry, benefitting our clients further.

Currently, there are 71 members in the AV Alliance, each one a completely independently managed company in their own right, each one passionately committed to providing event technology of the highest level, ensuring every client, whatever type of event, enjoys a uniquely memorable experience. Jointly the AV Alliance employs 5,733 people, in 102 locations worldwide and is involved in over 100,000 projects every year. That equates to 274 events every day. Impressive statistics indeed.

Over the last decade, we have lived in a changing world. The innovation technology and the digital transformation has changed the style of life for millions of people. For a company like Eventi-x, that invests in these industries, we need to pay attention to all the innovation programs behind every singular relevant new technology. We need to understand the power of innovation and take the right decisions to constantly improve our quality and give the absolute best services to our clients.

For the past 6 months, we have been an integral part of the AV Alliance Startup Mentoring Program called “Future Lab”. This enables young, entrepreneurial companies to trial suitable technologies in live situations. We are always interested in seeing new technologies relevant to the events industry. From logistics, event management to new ideas for lighting, video and audio products. Two of our senior members of staff, Simone Petitti and Nicola D’Amore coordinated by Alexander Fuchs (General Manager AV Alliance) are closely involved with this program and we will be proud to be able to make our knowledge available to create something unique with the rest of the AV Alliance team.

Like all our fellow AV Alliance members, Eventi-X Group is focused on providing the highest quality at competitive rates. Our minimum accepted standard is to match our client’s expectations, our aspiration and goal is to exceed those expectations.