Theatrixx Joins AV Alliance as Technology Partner


Theatrixx is a North American manufacturer of technical equipment specifically designed for the pro-AV events, entertainment and performing arts sectors. The company has now joined AV Alliance’s prestigious group of technology partners, helping our global network of event production companies have easier access to its unique product range.

Headquartered in Montreal since 1999 and with its Shenzhen location in China, Theatrixx Technologies is a manufacturer of technical equipment with a global reach. They specialize in products that have no equivalent on the market, designing them specifically to solve common frustrations of event technology providers.

Theatrixx Technologies’ award-winning and patented xVision Converters – offered in portable and rack-mount formats – are the only ones in the world to have been specifically designed for the live events, touring industry and demanding professionals. Their re-invented video converter is tailored to pro-AV users by including features like an internal power supply, locking connectors, rigging point, AC outlet, a rugged chassis with protected connectors.

Theatrixx is also a pioneer in manufacturing rack-mounted power distribution systems, being the first company to introduce a compact solution in 1997. Their distribution panels are available in several standard configurations for most applications but can also be fully custom-built to the end user’s needs.

The real-life experience of live events has been what shaped Theatrixx’s strong customer service culture and has in turn earned them one of the strongest reputations in the industry. They work in collaboration with their customers to develop custom solutions catered to their specific needs, producing prototypes, and delivering an innovative product within time-sensitive schedules and on budget.

Theatrixx is now the Silver Partner of the AV Alliance in the cables, power distro, A/V signals conversion and playback segment.