Daniel Pycock, CEO, Visionarea

Daniel Pycock

Board member

Daniel is the founder and CEO of Visionarea, one of our Spanish AV Alliance members. With his company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, he has been serving live events with passion for more than 20 years.

“What is AV Alliance? As a peoples person, for me it is my global family of colleagues. It brings value to our members, sponsors, clients and to the Industry as a whole.”

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Daniel Pycock has been involved in the Live Experience industry for 20 years. Starting with technical roles, evolving into project management and growing into the management of his company Visionarea. His trajectory has allowed him to acquire knowledge at many different levels and his experience which has ranged from presenter support in China, thru project management in Africa and onto presenting services in the US, as well as many other actions in between, have given him a bird’s eye view of our industry around the globe.

Daniel is happy to talk about the topics:

  • Cultural Challenges when working globally
  • Entrepeneur: the experience of starting from zero
  • What live experiences can do