Les Goldberg, Owner, LMG

Les Goldberg

Board member

Les is the founder and CEO of LMG, our largest member company in the USA. The veteran of the board founded his company in 1984 and still starts each day with the same drive and the same ‘yes, I can’ attitude. Having over 35 years of experience in the live event industry, Les is responsible for managing sponsorship issues within the AV Alliance.

“The AV Alliance has been invaluable in not only expanding our reach globally but through the knowledge and insight gained from the diverse peer relationships.”

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Les M. Goldberg is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Founder of LMG, LLC. His technological know-how, natural sales ability and business management skills led LMG to become an $100+ million, award-winning company specializing in show technology, systems integration and touring. Today, he continues to maintain an active role with all projects and clients and focuses on directing the vision of LMG towards future growth. He also acts as CEO of Entertainment Technology Partners, LLC, the parent company of a collection of exceptional brands within the live event and entertainment technology services industry. A father of three, husband, entrepreneur, and author, Les Goldberg has a passion for the live event industry and is dedicated to the education of innovation and best practices.

Les is happy to talk about the following topics:

  • Innovative Technology
  • Industry Best Practices