CEAVCO Becomes Intergral Part of AVFX

CEAVCO President Matt Emerson and AVFX President and CEO Steven Halling

CEAVCO President Matt Emerson and AVFX President & CEO Steven Halling

Earlier this month two of our US member companies, Boston-based AVFX and CEAVCO of Denver, CO announced the completion of a transaction that will make CEAVCO an integral part of AVFX, and thus the two powerful AV suppliers will be combined into one cohesive business.

AVFX President and CEO Steven Halling says, “This is a big step for both companies. By adding an office based in the western U.S., AVFX will be able to serve our national clients more efficiently.” CEAVCO President Matt Emerson adds, “Together, our companies present an amazing opportunity to expand our geographic footprint, share best practices, and provide valuable new offerings for our clients.”

One of the great strengths of the AV Alliance is the exceptionally tight relationships and high-level collaboration between its members. This new union of the two companies is a great example of working towards common goals along shared company values and mutual commitment to excellence. We believe that not only AVFX and CEAVCO will benefit greatly from combining their businesses, but also the members and clients of the AV Alliance.

While there will be organizational changes as the two offices combine their operations, no jobs will be lost as a result of the transaction. In fact, the combined businesses have already implemented plans to increase hiring to better meet the pace of growth. And, of course, both CEAVCO and AVFX will continue to provide the same exceptional level of service their clients have come to expect.

Steven adds, “During a very difficult time in our industry, the combination of AVFX and CEAVCO creates a great opportunity to grow the combined business.  We are excited to bring good news to our industry as the economic recovery progresses.”

We wish Steven and Matt, as well as their teams a smooth transition and a successful joint future!