AV Alliance Expands Its Board to Seven Members at AGM 2024

The Board of the AV Alliance, 2024

During our Annual General Meeting in Cape Town on April 7, 2024, representatives of the members of the AV Alliance have once again elected members to our Board, the primary decision-making body of the association.

The last Board election took place at the AGM of 2023 in Bangkok, where four positions were up for the taking. From the running candidates, three of the previous members of the Board were re-elected unanimously: Simon Ackermann (Habegger AG)Matt Emerson (AVFX), and  Martin Blanchard (Les Productions Expert’ease) have retained their position for the next two years, while former Board member Alex Ostermaier had left our member company Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik and after taking up his new role at another association he opted to remain an AV Alliance Friend. In his place the representatives of the AV Alliance members elected Joaquin de Elias (Congress Rental) for a two-year term.

This year’s AGM in Cape Town, South Africa once again featured Board elections, as the two-year term of our Chairman Peter Muller, Director of Possibilities at Special Effects Ltd. was up. At the same time, participating member companies voted in majority for the expansion of the AV Alliance Board to the maximum of seven members, as an opportunity to increase diversity and geographical represenation in the decision-making body of the network. From the running candidates Zaki Mustapa, owner of our Kuala Lumpur-based member Cantuman Wawasan, and Laura Güimil, Account Director at Buenos Aires-based 2MG.NET were elected, thus expanding the representation to Asia and welcoming the first woman in the AV Alliance’s Board.

At the same time, Peter Muller was re-elected as Board member and was asked to continue his work as Chairman of the AV Alliance for another term.

Thus the new Board now consists of:

  • Peter Muller | Chairman of the AV Alliance, Director of Possibilities at Special Effects Ltd. – Budapest, Hungary
  • Simon Ackermann | Founder of the AV Alliance, President at Habegger AG – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Joaquin de Elias | Owner and CEO at Congress Rental – Bariloche, Argentina
  • Martin Blanchard | Owner and President at Les Productions Expert’Ease – Montréal, Canada
  • Matt Emerson | President at AVFX – Denver, CO & Boston, MA, USA
  • Laura Güimil | Account Director at 2MG.NET – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Zaki Mustapa | Founder and Owner at Cantuman Wawasan – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We wish the newly elected Board great success for the upcoming years!

The newly elected members of the Board of the AV Alliance
The Board of the AV Alliance: Joaquin de Elias, Matt Emerson, Zaki Mustapa, Laura Güimil, Peter Muller, Martin Blanchard (not present: Simon Ackermann)