Stunning Immersive Experiences – From Projection Mapping to Audio and Lighting

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The event and entertainment industry has long been talking about immersive experiences, and in the past few years it has truly become a new benchmark for engaging with audiences in new, creative ways. In this post we look back on some of the most stunning immersive environments, shows, and exhibitions delivered by our AV Alliance members in the last couple of years.

In previous articles we wrote about immersive technologies blending the physical world with virtual reality. With immersive technology you can deliver a unique experience that creates the illusion of blending our physical world with virtual reality without using green screen. Many associate immersive strictly with virtual environments, VR gadgets, AR, and technologies that are expanding the limits of what we as humans are able to perceive through our senses. However, not all immersive experiences quite simple to describe. They have the ability to evoke feelings, transport you to a different time and space, to absorb your environment on a much more engaged level, and lose yourself in the moment. With immersive technologies, what you see, hear, and experience is exactly what you get, and more.

Whether it is 360° projection mapping, highly advanced LED technology, mixed reality content fed through media servers onto massive surfaces, a lighting extravaganza, or surround sound that tricks the mind and leaves goosebumps in its wake – immersive is an art form that has its rightful place from the biggest event venues, exhibition halls, and galleries to churches, parks, and even the streets, or even the middle of the desert.

Without further ado, let’s see a couple of memorable examples for immersive environments and experiences from all around the world, delivered by AV Alliance members!

Habegger AG | Not Another Farewell Party

In 2022 our Zurich-based member Habegger AG hosted an evening event at the Halle am See in Walenstadt, designed around the theme “Not a Farewell Party”, for a client from the construction industry. Habegger realised the technical and content-related implementation together with the client, and took charge of creating an immersive experience for the 230-strong audience. Apart from creative concept and design – including the creation of a fictional “Great Company” magazine that gave structure to the eight-hour program and provided a central theme -, audio, video, signage, and lighting, Habegger also installed a 360-degree projection around the entire hall.

AVFX | Winter Solstice Mapping

Back in December 2021 Boston-based MASARY Studios entrusted our local AV Alliance member company AVFX with  projection mapping and lighting design for the Candle Lighting Service held at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA. The service in question is an important annual tradition that is held on the night of the Winter Solstice. The immersive light-based artworks projected on the iconic grounds of the cemetery incorporate the concepts of cycles and sunlight meditations related to the Winter Solstice.

Media arts studio MASARY was tasked with reimagining the Candle Lighting Service with new reflection and remembrance opportunities, while AVFX was responsible for bringing their concept and imagery to life with projection mapping and lighting design on the exterior façade of Bigelow Chapel and create an immersive outdoor wonderland.

BeWunder | Kazakhstan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Our Dubai-based AV Alliance member BeWunder (back the still under the name Neumann&Müller Middle East) was responsible for supplying complete audio, video, and lighting solutions for the Kazakhstan Pavilion at the Expo 2020.

The aim of the pavilion of Kazakhstan was to showcase and share the country’s nomadic spirit with the visitors of the Expo 2020, “creating a sense of belonging and connection”. Nestled in the Opportunity District, the Kazakhstan Pavilion itself was divided into five main zones that took the visitor through the past to the present day of the Great Steppe and the lifestyle of nomads. Each area was equipped with audio, video, and light installations, and provided unique experiences such as exploring the land and its natural resources through interactive walls and screens, learning about the “Richness of Biodiversity” through a vertical garden installation, witnessing Kazakhstan’s capital Nur-Sultan City in all its glory on an immersive LED screen, play various games and try AI in the “Future Now” exhibition, and enjoy a curved, 270° virtual projection with a dance performance.

Novatech Creative Event Technology | Art After Dark Melbourne

Our Adelaide-based member Novatech Event Technology created the immersive AV installation “Constellations” for international artist Joanie Lemercier as part of Art After Dark Melbourne in 2022. After experimenting with light as a medium and space as a canvas for a decade, this time Lemercier chose water as the main element of this art piece. The breathtaking immersive water screen projection that Novatech had set up became a mesmerising display of cosmic art and created 3D-like visuals by projecting light through water particles in the air. The installation was complete with electronic soundscapes by Paul Jebanasam.

Dorier Group | Grand Théâtre de Genève 140th Anniversary

To celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Grand Théâtre de Genève and its reopening after a 3-year renovation in March 2019, our local member company Dorier Group – along with visual design agency Le Truc – was commissioned to carry out a mesmerizing projection mapping show over the façade of the building . The project took two months of production and preparation for Dorier, and they used 4 x Barco UDX-4K32 video-projectors to create a spellbinding immersive experience.

BeWunder | Japan Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Our Dubai-based member BeWunder (previously Neumann&Müller Middle East) was responsible for the Japan Pavilion’s audio, video, and lighting solutions at the Expo 2020.

Located in the Opportunity District, the Japan Pavilion aimed to pay tribute to the country’s way of coexistence between its people, nature, and science by combining three main areas in its concept: people, technology, and ideas. To this end, the stunning exhibitions within the Japan Pavilion guided guests through the country’s past right into the future, showcasing various examples of Japanese landscapes, nature, culture, etc. through hanging and layer screens, floor projections, and voice AR as well as different special effects, such as mist. 

The exhibition also featured illustrations projected onto a transparent screen with special light effects, a 360° screen, a giant sphere functioning as projection surface, and artificial mist creating an immersive experience, as well as a zone dedicated specifically to the upcoming Expo 2025 taking place in Osaka, Japan.

Novatech Creative Event Technology | Illuminate Adelaide | Ouchhh Studio – Wisdom of AI Light

For the second year the lights festival Illuminate Adelaide took place in the streets of the Southern Australian capital from July to mid-August 2022, and our local member Novatech Creative Event Technology was once again part of the project, supplying audio and video technology for the immersive environment of the purpose-built, massive ‘Illuminate Pavilion’ that featured a 360-degree projection canvas.

Created by Turkish Ouchhh Studio, Wisdom of AI Light was a 36-minute immersive experience that blended classic art and science with artificial intelligence. The AI-generated multimedia was soundtracked by Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi. Novatech was responsible for installing and calibrating the video and audio for the show, as well as LED lighting. For the mammoth-sized immersive projection the team used four disguise 4x4pro media servers that fed 14 Barco UDM-4K22 projectors covering the 60-meter length of the Pavilion on both sides, and two Barco UDX-4K32 projectors covering the 22-meter width of the end walls. 4K projectors were the best option for this setup because of the required brightness, as well as the audience’s proximity to the projection surface. All of the projectors were fitted with Novatech’s new Barco TLD+ Ultra Short Throw lenses for seamless coverage.

AV Media Events | Bylo Nebylo: Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir…

Our Czech member company AV Media Events was tasked to provide 360° projection mapping technology for a immersive exhibition entitled Bylo Nebylo: Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir… in May 2021 at the Prague Forum Karlin in the Czech Republic. The exhibition featured the most famous art pieces from the  greatest impressionist masters, projecting them onto over 2,000 m2 surface space to the soundtrack of music from the 19th century in full surround sound, creating the most unforgettable immersive experience for visitors. AV Media Events chose 28 Panasonic 3-DLP Chip projectors  for their powerful light output and resolution, and also for the optimal color reproduction of the artists’ works, creating a shadow-free floor to ceiling projection.

VIDELIO Events | Nausicaá Immersive Exhibition 

The Nausicaá National Sea Center, Europe’s largest aquarium located in Boulogne sur Mer, is also a research center that raises public awareness to ocean preservation issues. The center tasked our French member company VIDELIO Events to help create a mesmerizing immersive exhibition titled “In the Eye of the Climate”, which offers visitors a real experiential journey to explore the effects of climate change in a floor-to-ceiling projected area of 430 m2. To achieve the creation of an immersive environment, VIDELIO deployed over 22 video projectors, 4 Modulo Pi servers for 3D media broadcasting and show control, an immersive sound device, and developed a control system using touch pads and laptops.

satis&fy & Habegger Austria  | Lufthansa Allegris 

In late February 2023, Lufthansa Airlines staged an immersive launch event for “Allegris”, its new generation of products with the introduction of new seats and an individual travel experience on long-haul flights for all types of passengers, across all classes. Lufthansa insisted on a product launch that is as individual as the product itself, so the immersive launch event in Berlin on February 28 focused specifically on the people – just like Allegris does. For example, as part of the immersive experience, all guests were personally greeted by name on massive LED displays thanks to NFC technology, had their photos taken, which were then played on the screens through media servers during the event.

Our local member satis&fy and its sister company Habegger Austria – our Vienna-based AV Alliance member – were responsible for supplying extensive AV technology for the Berlin event, which included six LED walls, 400 moving lights, and 250 LED lamps. The immersive experience was further enhanced by providing the guests with MR (mixed reality) glasses to guide them through the new Allegris cabins.

BeWunder | New Zealand Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

Located in the Sustainability District of the Expo 2020 in Dubai, the New Zealand Pavilion provided a series of soothing kinetic, interactive, and immersive experiences – including the River Room, which displayed an original Māori Stone, brought all the way from a sacred river in New Zealand to the Expo, and a stunning 360-degree projection in the Film Room – to visitors. Our Dubai-based member BeWunder (then called Neumann&Müller Middle East) was tasked with supplying and implementing audio and video solutions for the pavilion.

One of the most impressive features of the Aotearoa pavilion was the digital “pulse” (combining movement with sound) that not only covered the whole façade of the building but it also traveled through the interior walls right into the River Room. BeWunder was responsible for the implementation of the pulse effect, including the digital creation of the waves’ sequence, and an audio playback system for its sound.

Novatech Creative Event Technology | The inaugural Illuminate Adelaide, 2021

Established in July 2021, the two-week long Illuminate Adelaide festival celebrates innovation, music, art and technology in the Southern Australian capital. Our local member Novatech Creative Event Technology has been involved with the festival since its inception, and for the first event it supplied various AV gear and services, including immersive lighting and video projection. Adelaide’s streets were transformed into a “nocturnal playground” created with light, immersive projection, and a large dose of imagination. Not only did Novatech need to ensure the volume and quality of the projection matched that of the content, it also had to be calibrated for all kinds of weather in the middle of the Australian winter.

After originally making a significant investment in AV Alliance technology partner Barco’s UDM and UDX projectors back in 2020, the Novatech team finally had the chance to put them to use at the inaugural Illuminate Adelaide event, where the different sites and their surfaces, as well as the content that was projected onto them required a solution that would fit all of the above perfectly, and this solution was a combination of Barco UDX and UDM units – 18 of them altogether at various sites.

Hoffmann | Mega Domo – Viagem de Natal 

In 2022 one of our Brazilian member companies, Hoffmann, was tasked to create the largest full-dome projection in Latin America for the Mega Domo, which hosted the immersive Christmas show “Viagem De Natal”. The Mega Domo is a 60 m diameter, and 30 meters tall, inflatable dome that has a capacity of 2,000 people in Canela, Brazil.

To create an immersive experience through a seamless 360º projection all over the interior walls of the Mega Domo, Hoffmann used 20 Panasonic PT-DZ21K projectors that were installed at various heights and powered by media servers and software to project the digital content on a surface that covered over 5,600 m2. Hoffmann also supplied a spatial sound system for the soundtrack of the immersive Christmas show.

BeWunder | The Edge of Government

“The Edge of Government” was a temporary exhibition held during the annual World Government Summit in Dubai in 2019. Our local member company BeWunder (then called Neumann&Müller Middle East) was contracted by the production company DesignLab Experience to carry out the technical planning and implementation of a stunning immersive environment, which included state-of-the-art projection mapping, audio, video, lighting and rigging.

The exhibition’s setting was made to look and feel like an outer space scenery, with abstract lighting elements in various colors being projected onto the floor and ceiling. These particles were connected to motion detectors and programmed in such a way as to move away as soon as someone stepped on them. The immersive experience was created through floor and ceiling projection, a multi-directional projection system, and interactive lighting.

VIDELIO Events | JAM Capsule

The JAM Project is a Parisian workshop dedicated to production, scenography and creation applied to the cultural sector, founded by Athem. Our local member company VIDELIO Events supported Athem in the design and implementation of an immersive mapping project that involved the projection of over 2,500 m2 of floor and wall surfaces, and the installation of a spatial sound system that ultimately created a real immersive experience for the visitors in the Capsule. Ten Barco UDX 40,000 lumen video projectors were used to ensure the best image quality, while d&b audiotechnik‘s d&b Soundscape and d&b A-Series solutions was used to design the spatial sound system that enhanced the feeling of immersion.


To learn more about the technical aspects, the necessary equipment, and the related costs of creating an immersive environment for your event, we invite you to get in touch with us and find out what our AV Alliance members can do for you!