Event IT infrastructure and communication

IT services for live events

Today information technology (IT) plays a more and more important role at live events. Without IT and communication we wouldn’t be able to connect the latest in event technology and create a unique show for you. IT infrastructure is an important element behind the scenes. It is important that the right IT infrastructure is already considered during the early event planning phases. Often numerous applications, devices and technology units need to be connected by robust and reliable infrastructure. Our experts help you to design effective networks and IT systems. A properly setup IT system allows to ensure the different types of media flow seamlessly into the right channels.

The event IT planning and implementation process

In the best case you engage one of our members already in the planning phase for your IT infrastructure or IT system. Our professional IT experts at our member companies take care of the installation and maintenance of the systems during the event. In the end, our IT technicians will professionally remove all IT equipment on site. In case of spontaneous IT issues on site our experienced IT experts and network technicians are available to help you.

Event IT solutions

Our experienced member companies provide event IT solutions for all types of events. Whether it is a simple business meeting, an exhibition, or a large international conference our well-trained technicians will serve your IT needs. We provide classical wired networks but also set up wireless IT systems for very large events with many attendees. In addition, we provide all required back office IT equipment and integrate all those solutions effectively. Combined with classical event IT producs, such as LAN cables, fibre optic cables, routers, WiFi access points we can deliver a one stop shop solution for your IT needs.

Event IT services

We enable broadcasting and streaming solutions for live events to reach a global audience. Our camera systems can be connected to the latest streaming solutions to broadcast your live video stream to a worldwide audience. Your event content can be accessed through YouTube and different social media platforms. We can also do encrypted broadcasting to ensure your message only reaches the intended audience.

Additionally, we provide various connectivity and interactive event solutions. Interactivity is key to maintain an active and engaged audience. We can make innovative interactive tools and devices available that allow for the most optimal interaction between your speaker and audience. Traditional devices, such as computers, smartphones, smartwatches or tablets can be integrated to fully include your audience in a holistic interactive experience. Modern streaming solutions allow to further connect to your remote audience. This way your remote participants can interact with you in a completely different manner.

Latest IT inventory

Our members continually enhance their IT inventory to make sure the latest in event technology is available to you. This way we are in the best position to bring even the most exotic vision to life.

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