Event planning and logistics

What is behind event logistics?

Having the best event technology for your event is important. But having the best in event equipment right at your event location is indeed better.

For AV Alliance the term event logistics compromises two areas: First of all, it relates to all logistical efforts to bring the right equipment and the right event staff to the location of the live event. Second, it refers to all logistical efforts on the spot, during the meeting, conference or any other type of event. The local or onsite event logistics include for instance the management of the visitor flow as well as the coordination of actions during the event according to the agenda or the event program. When it comes to event planning don’t underestimate the logistical factor. Event logistics play an important role in any successful event. While you can have all the equipment in place without the proper execution of the logistical plan for the day of your event, nothing would happen.

The AV Alliance members offer you all services to cover your logistical needs and requirements. We can create a detailed logistics plan with you and of course, our well trained staff will take care of all on the spot logistical requirements to make the day of your meeting, conference or trade show a full success. Our member have completed thousands of event logistic jobs and we pride ourselves of deliverying one of the highest quality level in the industry.

Logistic services for live events

The AV Alliance members provide services for the following event types:

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Congresses
  • Trade shows
  • Product presentation or product launches
  • Expos
  • Musical shows and concerts (touring)
  • And many other types of live events

Warehousing, distribution and transportation

With more than 100 warehouses around the globe you can be sure we will can provide the right equipment at your event location or at least close to your location. The warehouses of our event technology companies are well stocked, and the equipment is either new or very well maintained. Usually our members stock the latest in event technology and treat all audio visual gear carefully during all phases of the logistics chain. Their own fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles guarantees a fast and secure delivery. If a member can’t ship the equipment using their own fleet, they work with experienced shipping companies (such as SOS Global Express) that ensure a safe and on-time delivery.

Last minute event services

Event planning is never easy. Imagine your event is setup and a projector breaks down. By using the access to our global network of warehouses we can replace the projector quickly, almost anywhere. In case extra staff is needed to deliver a last-minute requirement, we can call on the support of an AV Alliance member company close to the event location. This way our global network gives us a level of logistical power, which is difficult to replicate for non-aligned event production companies.

Why is our network of warehouses good for your event budget?

By sourcing equipment locally, we can not only reduce the complexity of global logistics, but we are also able to save money due to decreased equipment transportation costs. And we are happy to pass these savings on to our clients.

Find your professional logistics partner from our worldwide Alliance network.