Event rigging and trussing

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The professional setup of any rigging solution requires well trained staff, a solid planning process and an accurate execution. The applied solution in a specific event space is one of the key elements of a successful event. The setup is the basis for the successful implementation of the remaining event technology elements, such as lighting, staging, video projection, and audio. A professional rigging installation creates the fundamental setup for a high quality audience experience.

Worldwide rigging services and rental for your event

Our member companies provide professional and experienced services by applying modern engineering principles, which ensure a safe event. Their vast experience and the enormous number of successfully completed event solutions make our members the perfect partner for your next event.

What is rigging?

The term originally comes from the time of sailing ships, when a rigger would work with the ropes that are used for hoisting the sails of the sail ship. At that time the riggers would lift and haul the ropes and sails. In the early days this would require a lot of human power as the work was done without any cranes, simply by applying human muscle power.

Today the term refers to setting up different type of event equipment to a variety of structures (truss), either manually, by cranes or so-called chain hoists. A modern rigger will use anything from cables, chains, ropes, clamps or straps to attach equipment to an event structure. In order to ensure that everything goes well load calculations are done prior to the setup of any structure. Modern engineering rules are applied by all members of AV Alliance to provide safe structures and solutions for all different event types.

Event safety is our top priority

All members of the AV Alliance focus strongly on the relevant international safety standards for events. Especially when it comes to entertainment and arena rigging services our members apply strict safety standards during all engineering phases, such as pre-installation, planning, installation and de-installation. As with our other event technicians the riggers engaged by the AV Alliance members are well trained and apply a high level of safety awareness. All temporary installations, which are typically applied in the live entertainment industry, are planned by a competent employee of one of our alliance members.
Planning and engineering of project installations

Our members are capable of producing accurate drawing that are applied as a prerequisite for professional installations. The design needs to comply with local regulations and international standards. At the same time house rules and requirements are incorperated into the planning process. Critical site conditions that may affect the safety of a local installation need to very verified and incorporated into the proposed structural design. A professional engineer will always make sure that all forces on the structures are identified and remain within the predetermined limits of such a temporary event structure. For outdoor installations the weather conditions must be included in the planning phase.
Onsite installations

Once the local venue conditions have been inspected and the electrical service locations are identified the proposed design must be verified to be adequate for the location. The member engineers and technicians also place high value on the safety of the event crew and the equipment used. Where required rescue plans will be developed and shared with all crew members prior to the start of the installation. All equipment is checked for proper conditions before being applied.

Post production

If required a post-production or project report can be prepared by a competent rigger. Many of our member also apply a post-production evaluation on order to determine if skills need to be refreshed, if skills need to be upgraded as a result of applying new equipment or new procedures. In addition, local regulations are regularly reviewed to determine if additional training must be provided. The members of AV Alliance, together with their technology partners, regularly exchange best practices, too.

Your complete solution for events

Turn to our experienced rigging companies to receive turn-key solutions for your next event. We offer the complete range of services and equipment to serve you with a complete, high standard solution for your event. Our members offer a range of specific services to deliver your individual projects:

  • Design
  • Projects management
  • Consultancy
  • Planning
  • Drawings
  • Installation
  • Inspection

Professional services and many years of experience

The rigging departments of our members typically employ experienced technicians and engineers that have completed a many installations in the live entertainment industry. They are experts in liaising with your event production teams, local venue staff and ensue that the highest quality standards are applied. Our riggers and technical staff members are technical experts and find suitable solutions for a variety of event types:

  • Corporate events and meetings
  • Festivals and concerts
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Staff events
  • Product launches
  • Wedding events
  • Church installations

High quality equipment

Our members are proud of using the latest in event technology. They regularly invest a higj amount of money to ensure they can provide the latest equipment. We maintain a large amount of rigging equipment at more than 100 warehouses worldwide. Ultimately our frequent investments in top quality gear allows you as the client to receive top notch solutions for your event productions. Our quality equipment includes:

  • Modern, electric chain hoists
  • Battery powered hoists
  • Lifting towers
  • Load weighting equipment
  • Low weight and stabile aluminum trusses in different sizes and formats
  • Circular truss
  • Box truss
  • Adjustable truss parts that allow for the highest level of precision
  • Angle sections and much more…

We are further able to build custom truss and rigging solutions to find the best possible structure to fit your location and event venue.

Find your professional partner from our network of AV companies around the world.